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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Start of a New Semester

Yup. The new semester is about to start. Welcome jr! and happy new semester to my fellow friends. May Allah bless you. InsyaALLAH.

It may be the start of your first semester in college, or it may be the start of your last semester in university. Either way, the beginning of a new term means that you're back at square one, no matter how long you've been in school. What are the basics that you'll need to make sure you start off as strongly as possible?

So, here 8 basics that you must know to start a new semester STRONGLY.

1.Get a time management system.
Managing your time just may be your biggest challenge while in university. Find something that works for you and use it from day one.

2.Take a reasonable course load.
Taking 18 units (or more!) this semester may sound great in theory, but it most likely will come back to haunt you in the long run. Sure, it may seem like a good way to improve your transcript, but the lower grades you might get because your course load is too heavy is a sure way to bring your transcript down, not up. If you absolutely must carry a heavy course load for some reason, however, make sure that you've cut down on your other commitments so that you don't put too many unreasonable expectations on yourself.

3.Have your books purchased -- or at least on their way.
Not having your books the first week of class can put you behind everyone else before you even had the chance to start. Even if you have to go to the library for the first week or two to get the reading done, make sure you're doing what you can to stay on top of your homework until your books arrive.

4.Have some -- but not too much -- co-curricular involvement.
You don't want to be so over involved that you barely have time to eat and sleep, but you most likely do need to be involved in something other than your classes all day long. Join a club, get an on-campus job, volunteer somewhere or just do something to keep your brain and personal life balanced.

5.Get your finances in order.
You may be rocking your classes, but if your financial situation is a mess, you won't be able to finish the semester. Make sure your finances are in order when you start a new semester and that they'll still be that way as you head toward finals week.

6.Have your "life" logistics worked out.
These are different for every student, but having the basics like your housing/roommate situation, your food/dining options, and your transportation. Worked it out in advance is critical to making it through the semester in a stress-free way.

7.Set up healthy outlets for fun and to relieve stress.
You don't need to have a Ph.D. to know that university is stressful. Have things already in place, like good groups of friends, exercise plans, and hobbies that will allow you to mentally check out and relax when things get intense.

8.Get information on where to go for help -- you know, just in case.
When, and if, you find yourself juggling more than you can handle, trying to find help while under that kind of stress is nearly impossible. Learn where to go for help before your semester begins. So that, just in case things get a little rough, your small speed bump doesn't turn into a major disaster zone.

My first class for my new semester will be started on tomorrow morning. I must be ready for that because it's a quite tough subject for my course.

This semester will also be my second year to be a president for SRN UMP. It will be a busy semester, but I'm 100% confident that i can finish this job.

Good luck guys!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

PERKASA Bowling Tournament 2010

Today is the day where almost everyone in the faculty is waiting for, which is PERKASA Bowling Tournament 2010 that have been held at The Megalanes, Berjaya Megamall.

My team comprised of Adib, Azfar, Aloy and Sobri. On paper, our team looks underdog but a superb performance by us truly nearly costs the team silver medals. Whereas my teammates keep scoring an average of 120 for each frame, I started the first one with a humiliating 89. The second one is only slightly better, a pathetic 99. Everyone was quite surprised and I'm also at loss trying to figure out why I'd always get a combination of 9 for each turn. By that time it's already too late to do anything else as the damage has been done. We came third and were only 2 points behind the second placed team. I'm still grateful to win the third place and many thanks to my teammates who managed to cover points deficit on my part.

Get ready.He gonna blow all the pin,terminator strike *maybe*...hehehe

Gold Medalist - 1215 pins

Silver medalist - 1111 pins

Bronze medalist - 1109 pins

All the participants

Greatest thing is to have more exposure on the society, thanks to all the chances being given. REALLY glad i made the choice coming to participate this tournament, at least i didn't regret till now. I have fun and at the same time i learning a lot. Great colleagues i am having. Couldn't express how gratitude i am right now. Since beginning. Like what my sis has told me, i hit the lucky jackpot, for once again.

Thank you guys for having a good day with me!!^_^

Coming back!!!

Hey everyone.

I know it seems super quiet around here but believe me, I've been keeping extremely busy!!

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I was busy with a couple of things this recently. Let me try to get back my blogging momentum as I blog about what I wanted to tell you over here.

First, my life was pretty stinking bad here for about 2 months.But it’s nice to be able to say I’ve gone back and that life’s okay now.… I’m so glad I’ve moved into the next stage of life. That season was the absolute pits. Not that things are perfect now, by any stretch of the imagination.

Second, my economic situation changed. That's something that's happened to many people, not just me. The economy has been a whirlwind the past few years. I've been personally affected.

Lastly, I hit a wall. I didn't know how to continue the blog, my writing or my journey. I grew frustrated. I threw my hands up and simply called time out.

But not all is lost.

I feel I've got my strength back! I'm loving the Beautiful Game again and I'm excited to come back to this platform and write.

I'm looking for ideas on how to continue this blog through my journey as a student and beyond.

The blog is back!! Hope to have you along for the ride.

Sorry for not updating my blog for long time

Sorry for not updating my blog for long time. Due to some reason, i was not able to update. My blog will be update from next week onwards.

I don’t know what the future holds … but I know Who holds the future. Hope you’re all well. I’ve missed all my blogger friends!