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Saturday, July 17, 2010

PERKASA Bowling Tournament 2010

Today is the day where almost everyone in the faculty is waiting for, which is PERKASA Bowling Tournament 2010 that have been held at The Megalanes, Berjaya Megamall.

My team comprised of Adib, Azfar, Aloy and Sobri. On paper, our team looks underdog but a superb performance by us truly nearly costs the team silver medals. Whereas my teammates keep scoring an average of 120 for each frame, I started the first one with a humiliating 89. The second one is only slightly better, a pathetic 99. Everyone was quite surprised and I'm also at loss trying to figure out why I'd always get a combination of 9 for each turn. By that time it's already too late to do anything else as the damage has been done. We came third and were only 2 points behind the second placed team. I'm still grateful to win the third place and many thanks to my teammates who managed to cover points deficit on my part.

Get ready.He gonna blow all the pin,terminator strike *maybe*...hehehe

Gold Medalist - 1215 pins

Silver medalist - 1111 pins

Bronze medalist - 1109 pins

All the participants

Greatest thing is to have more exposure on the society, thanks to all the chances being given. REALLY glad i made the choice coming to participate this tournament, at least i didn't regret till now. I have fun and at the same time i learning a lot. Great colleagues i am having. Couldn't express how gratitude i am right now. Since beginning. Like what my sis has told me, i hit the lucky jackpot, for once again.

Thank you guys for having a good day with me!!^_^