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"I write what I think.
But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the busiest december...

at last, i'll be busy again...
no more sleeping...
no more bowling...
no more futsal...

my schedule for this month :

  1. Ramah Mesra Titian Kasih 1Malaysia 2010
  2. Breaking The Korean Building code (Busan Immersed Tunnel)
  3. Sukan Rakyat 1Malaysia
  4. Khidmat Masyarakat Mahasiswa Penyayang
  5. Lawatan Intergrasi Ke Sabah & Pendakian Gunung Kinabalu

gud bye holiday...
i'll miss u again...*sigh*

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not happy, not feeling well…

Its raining in my heart…

Im not sure if that is possible though, what does raining in the heart exactly mean is? In my case, i would say my feelings of sad, a little bit of boring and a very small bit of loneliness. i guess it may include tiredness, laziness, sleepiness, madness,… ness,,, mess………..etc

ohmy… i feel kinda depressed.. not happy at all,.. to be truth, it doesnt have anything to do with my study.just got busy with my club's activities...huhu

with a little rain just now, i feel theres something wrong, i got some instinct things would be bad for next few days, maybe i should be more careful… not to mention, not to feel to excited as i may receive some bad news later on… it just that, i feel like i missing something… something not goes with the flow….

p/s : the feelings is serious.. dont laugh…T_T

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just after the killer paper

Structure paper was so much scary as we are so depressed to sit for the exam and the feeling is just like having the driving test for the second time.. phewwww

I hope we all past the paper . PASS PASS PASS! Amin!

When I've submitted the paper my feeling was like

" Yippee ! I've finished the final!!! " 

Eventhough there is one more paper left *sigh*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 DONE.....2 MORE TO GO...Fighting~!!!

pejam celik, pejam celik..dh 3 paper abis..
hhuuhuuhu..syukur alhamdulillah
da lagi 2 paper menanti,....
ooooh nnnooo~!!!

tp x per....
cuti dlu yg penting.....hehehhehehe....

2 je yg nak bgtaw sebenarnya..

Monday, November 8, 2010

3 hours before my 1st paper....

Today my first final exams paper will start on 9 a.m, and now at 5.39 a.m. I'm still blogging and to be truth, i wasn't quite prepared.

First paper ; Environmental Engineering.

I'm kinda stressing myself here, with all my coursework mark is below average, i don't see much that i can score great in this semester.

Some of the guy were not having any paper today, so i can see how the react on that, my housemates, enjoying himself of a 2 seasons marathon on Chuck. Others housemate, enjoying the sleeps like there's no tomorrow. and me here, killing myself using a Casio fx-570MS and a blue pilot mechanical pencil.

Right now, I'm very sure, some of my colleague are fully ready to their first battle. armed with their newly-bought pens, an exam slips, matrics card, and what other buff you could think of.Don't ever-ever thinking to bring any 'toyol' ok~!!

p/s : please don't forget to bring any of those weapons k? don't want to see any of you guys running outside the halls…hehe

Good luck. Haja2 Hwaiting~!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Studying Last Minute...some tips for you

Exam is around the corner, time is definitely running out but you have not covered revision for half the syllabus yet? What should you do?

That’s right folks, the clock is ticking unbelievably fast and you are starting to panic. You wish you could convert your brain into a sponge and soak up everything directly off the books… but alas, that is purely wishful thinking! So, the next best thing would be to roll up your sleeves, switch on that studying mode and start studying in earnest!

‘Fret not, many out there are just like you, so here are some useful tips to help you gear up for that dreadful but all-too-important exam :

Not everyone can study at anytime of the day. Some find their minds fresher and function better in the early mornings, some just the opposite; whatever work that needs to use their minds can only get done at night. Prime time simply means the most effective time of the day where you are most productive. It could be 1, 2 or 5 hours a day. But for your own sake, if this is a real last minute thing, please stretch it for as long as you can!!

As opposed to popular belief, studying more may not necessarily mean better results in your exams. The smarter way to study is, study the right thing. Selective studying means you don’t have to read and memorize the entire textbook. You will only have a brain-traffic-jam of facts and figures, which will only confuse you further, and makes you forget what’s really important.

Find your own way of selective studying. What works for others may not work for you. Once you have found a way that suits your own, stick to it and use it often.

The most conclusive way of making sure you are studying the right stuff would be to attempt past year questions. Get your hands on as many past year papers and exam papers.


“I really want to study but I keep falling asleep once I open my book! How??” 

Many students fall asleep while studying because they choose to study just before bedtime, or they sacrifice sleep for the past few weeks just for last minute studying. In any case, how do you solve the problem of falling asleep while studying?


Distraction varies from TV, cell phones, computer games or social networking websites, to family environment, social functions or even mood swings.

How do you expect to have time for studying if you spend 3 hours a day online? This is only an example. Not to mention the endless social functions you have to attend almost every weekend, the oh-so-exciting-TV series that you can’t miss, the twice weekly football game with the guys, the girlfriend who throws a tantrum if you don’t call her up to chat an hour a day, the daily afternoon nap that will get you cranky every time you miss it. And after everything is done and quiets down, you find that you are either too tired or simply, “not in the mood to study”.

The keyword here is : CONTROL.

Whatever the distraction is, keep it under control !! BAN yourself from Facebook / Myspace if you have to.

Discipline is of utmost importance to achieve this task. Nothing can distract you if and once you set your mind to it. I don’t have to elaborate further. You know what you need to do.

Well, I hope at least some of you desperate students out there would find these tips useful to your last minute studies. However, one important point to note is that the No.1 factor in making last minute studies successful is DETERMINATION & EFFORT.

As the old saying goes,

“where there’s a will, there’s a way” 

and I will add this :

“where there is no will, there will be procrastination and delay. In other words, a million excuses” 

Sad to say, if there is no determination or effort to start with, no amount of useful tips in this world will be of the slightest use to you. All your efforts in searching for the magic tips to study last minute and articles such as this, would be nothing but futile.

So, hang in there folks, and make the best use of the remaining time you have ! Good luck, y’all! Fighting~!!!

I've Got My Right Moves...

So what if I’m feeling a little bit blue today? So what if I listened to Jay Sean’s latest album for hours and only like one song in it? So what if I hate everyone today? So what if I still let it linger in my mind? So what if I let down other people’s feeling? So what if I talk back at you? So what if I think you are a whore? So what if I think that your dress is a little bit more over the top? So what if I still love listening to Britney Spears? And, so what if you’re 'bitching' talking bad about me?

Because life is a bitch hard and in order to survive it, you have to be one be strong. Face it, or you may be considered dead among the society.

good bye guys...

I have been thinking about this since 3 weeks ago. And I thought it was my final decision. I know it's hard for me, but for my own future, I must do it and make some sacrifices.

Yeah, from today onward I will STOP from playing volleyball for UMP. I need to focus more on my study and my beloved club, Sekretariat Rukun Negara UMP.

To all of my teammate in volleyball, GOOD LUCK on your coming tournament. Hope you win the gold medal in SIPTAR and MTUN. The most important thing is fighting a good place in MASUM 2011, you must bring back the gold medal also k...(><,)

Good Bye Guys~!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is This right?

Have you ever come across this situation where YOU at the corner of SOMEWHERE having a mind full of thoughts on ..

Is this right?

Well, I have... obviously... or else I won't be sitting here blogging bout it...

Sometimes I wonder, why waste time and think bout whether is whatever happening right?

Can't we just do what is right to our own opinion?

Of course, i'm not encouraging robbing bank, murdering n etc as something right even with valid reasoning..

Is it so hard? Is it so wrong?

NO It isn't wrong!! But it sure is hard...

Last time, I use to tell myself, just go forth and do whatever that is right..

Until mistakes comes in my way... and I'll just sit and ask myself THE question..

:: Is this right ? ::

Stupid question...! Why don't We find a solution to it rather than sit n stonne?


This is because... some of us are stronger and some are just not...

is it? Or it's plain me saying things to suit : ME: ?

Someone once told me, my life is like a drama....Isn't everyone's life the same? Filled with dramas?

Now im having my study week.. sitting at home bumming...

Gives me all the time I want to reflect on so many things..

My life , STudies , RelaTionships.. everything and just everything..

Thinking bout,Whether am I living in my own comfort zone,My own hole,Stuck living in my OWn world.Dreaming of a tomorrow which is not even in reality..

Am I too engross with whatever that is happening around me daily,that I don't take a second look at what is going on in this world?

Am I too stubborn,that I can't move on from what has happen?

Sigh I really don't know... but when this kind of things gushed through your head... I bet! It feels worst than tsunami!!

Ok - ok... maybe not DAT bad...

But I guess, life wouldn't be any easier on anyone... right?


Just go all out for it!
Live Life the fullest!!
(-ahem- In the right manner!! )

Do what You think is RIGHT!

Stand Firm and Strong in it!!

I know it's easier said than done..

but it beats NOT TRYING at aLL!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy deepavali~!!!

Happy Deepavali to all Hinduisme in Malaysia. May your dream and hope become true. Please be nice as Malaysian and be humble with others to maintain our peace as One Malaysia. Even we from different race and religion we can succeed to developed our country to be the best country in the world.

Deepavali Vertikel!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stress is UNACCEPTABLE~!!!

I'm stress.

Stress is not something that can be taken light of. I can't think well, feels like throwing up, headache. This is serious. I heard that someone can go crazy due to stress.

There are nobody to talk to. Nobody to lean on too.. Got to endure it myself..Taken pictures, watching videos can actually reduce my stress..but what do I went wrong again?

Argh! Stress is not something to joke about. T_T

study week = study weak = submitting week

Yeah, like I’ve said, this week is study week and I haven’t study a single word yet. It's all because of those assignment,test and presentation that we should completed within this study week.

At this point, how i wish our system are more like the American. I mean in term of education. More flexible, more relax, more open. I'm so effin stress like WATAFAK!!!

This is the worst exam season for me. My performance are at the bottom of the wheel. Obviously i'm repeating TOS and Fluids Mechanics and i'm having serious trouble in revising other subjects. I'm feeling like taking a "special holiday" but firstly, i don't want to waste my time, secondly can't take already.

Besides, I want to grad with my friends la kot!! Hello! Haish, GOD please make things easy on me. After exam, serious self check need to be done. New policy should be implement, we have to make a major renovation in my schedule and priorities. Commitment check and focus driver need to be change. So that by next year and next semester it would be better for me and for the rest of my semester here in UMP.

Come on man! Nak sara anak dara orang tak kan nak fail kot.! haha!! Self Construction shall take place upon finishing this final exam. Only necessary social contact will be done. So if we are still in touch after final that shows you are something in my life mwahhah ~ Gilos!! Just kidding, I need you guys for my renovation okay, so don't shut or hibernate this semester break! hahaha!!

I just can't see the effort I'm paying to my final exam, which i had swear to myself few weeks ago that i got to get at least two As in this finals, despite the frequent class skipping in this semester.

There are still freaking tough subjects for me like Environmental Engineering, Fluids Mechanic, Theory of Structure, Law of Contracts and Estimation, and Statistics. How am i suppose to study all within one week?

Ya ALLAH,please give me the strength....(^_~)

study week is here~!!!

Study week start already !!!

OMG !!!

So FAST !!!

Still no mood to study yet !!!



Bridge Competition 2010

The Faculty of Civil Engineering UMP under Theory of Structure subject has been organizing the bridge model testing competition. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to use knowledge and creativity to solve practical problems.

-my group members-
-our bridge-

Interesting competition. Thanks to my group members because of their hard work.