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Thursday, April 15, 2010

am I studying??

Haih i hate studying all alone. I always think that group studying is not effective, unless you need someone to teach you and guide you.

I remembered well during my SPM days, before the actual exam, i had group study with all those smart classmates on this subject, Biology. As you know, biology is always a pain in our butt, memory, brains and eyes. Once you read it, yes the story lines goes well and nice with sperm moving into the ovum and so on, but when facing questions like describe the process involved in the development of the embryo sac, and describe the formation of multiple seeds in an ovary etc etc, they are so sickening! During out study group, all of us will hold on our biology text books and take turns to explain a certain chapter. that's what we called a group study huh?

I always assume that by listening to teachings will give higher effectiveness in understanding and able to remember it well.

So,who gonna be my study group members,please lift your feet....*ngeh3x*

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  1. study group can make us understand more about certain thing especially when we are the one who explain it..:D