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Monday, April 26, 2010

Finals week...So what?

Today my last final exams paper will start on 9am, and now at 6.19am I'm still blogging and to be truth, i wasn't quite prepared.

I'm kinda stressing myself here, with all my coursework mark is below average, i don't see much that i can score great in this semester.

Some of the guy were not having any paper today, so i can see how the react on that, my roommate, enjoying himself of a 2 seasons marathon on Chuck. Others roommate, enjoying the sleeps like there's no tomorrow. and me here, killing myself using a Casio fx-570MS and a blue pilot mechanical pencil.

Monday, April 19, 2010

final exam has started

Actually, i just came back from an exam (About 20 minutes ago). I prayed to God to help me remember what i studied and he did! The questions were easy if you studied, so i guess i studied. Drats, two more days and another paper will be flying towards me. Well, I’ll just have to face it.

Exams are sort of my Frenemy (Friend + Enemy), some sort of love hate relationship. If i passed, I’ll be glad that i did well. On the other hand, if i think i failed, whew, it would be so suffering while i await for the result to be out. Hmm … i shouldn’t actually be blogging right now since i haven’t studied for the next paper yet, but i guess I’ll kick back and relax for a while. Tomorrow i shall study! Woooohoooo! (I shall keep my promise).

Okay, my roomate is studying, argh, it makes me mad, here i am happily blogging and he’s there studying. Well, i guess he should, he will be busy tomorrow and the day after. So, he should study now.

Right, enough of my dumb rants about exams and studies, back to the topic of blogging.Hmm … i still can’t figure out what to base this whole blog on. It will not be about my life since that’s private, so i don’t really know what to write about. Hmm… maybe my baking experience? or studies?(Boring!), urm, what if i just rant as i want. Yeah, that should do it, that way i can talk about anything and go off topic anytime. Alright! I’ve decided to rant as much as i want in this blog. (^_^)

So, that is it for now. I’ve got to go and ‘Bobok’(sleep in Indonesian language).It sucks to be me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's the best way to memorize something?

It's different for everyone.If you go by the 3 learning styles, there's people who learn best with their eyes, people who learn best with their ears, and people who learn better by touching and doing.
  1. If you learn best with your eyes, you're most likely to memorizing something by reading it, or writing it.
  2. If you learn best with your ears, you're most likely to memorize something by having it read to you, or repeating it to yourself.
  3. If you learn best with your hands and touching, you're most likely to memorize something by doing it.
For me personally, it depends on what it is I'm memorizing. If it's studying for a test, I like to write things over and over again. If it's memorizing directions by using a map, I like to memorize the map. But when it comes to calculation, I definitely have to do some exercises.

Committing large portions of text to memory is a good exercise to keep ones mind alert. This is a vital skill especially for students. But most people find this too difficult and give up within a short period of time. As people get old, the ability to remember and recall things also seem to diminish. Just when people get old enough to realize the importance of memorizing text passages, they find themselves too old for the task at hand.

But there is a much simpler way to memorize even large portions of text passages with ease. Have you noticed that when you keep listening to a new song a couple of times, you seem to easily remember the lyrics even tough you never made a conscious effort to do so. You hear a song a few times, and then you seem to know not the tune alone but the lyrics as well.

Listening is a powerful tool that can be used effectively for memorizing. So, to memorize text passages, you need to just listen to it being read aloud. You can either read the text and record it with your own voice.

This makes it extremely convenient to memorize large portions of text within a relatively short period of time. And you can do that while going through your normal everyday activities! Just think about that! You don't have to read a word, rather just listen to it being read, while going about your daily routine. This is not a substitute for reading, but it is definitely an invaluable aid that will enhance your memory and ability to recall the text at will.

Here, I include two prayers to remember things easily.

Good luck for the final exam guys!!All the best....(^_~)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

am I studying??

Haih i hate studying all alone. I always think that group studying is not effective, unless you need someone to teach you and guide you.

I remembered well during my SPM days, before the actual exam, i had group study with all those smart classmates on this subject, Biology. As you know, biology is always a pain in our butt, memory, brains and eyes. Once you read it, yes the story lines goes well and nice with sperm moving into the ovum and so on, but when facing questions like describe the process involved in the development of the embryo sac, and describe the formation of multiple seeds in an ovary etc etc, they are so sickening! During out study group, all of us will hold on our biology text books and take turns to explain a certain chapter. that's what we called a group study huh?

I always assume that by listening to teachings will give higher effectiveness in understanding and able to remember it well.

So,who gonna be my study group members,please lift your feet....*ngeh3x*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's study week but I'm doing nothing...

Yea, like I’ve said, this week is study week and I haven’t study a single word yet. Guess what I did today?

Few minutes ago, i read niA_oii_Voice , Afifah solehah's site and WeLcOme To My LifE's blog. I was really amazed by their effort and determination to blog, almost everyday, or perhaps one entry in 2-3 days. Comparing myself to them just made me feel, erm. lazy? or should i say procrastination? Yeala i know blogging is not listed in to-do list for most of the people out there, but really can't deny that famous bloggers are paid to write good stories and eventually get famous. I just feel expressing myself using mouth will be more better, rather than texts.

I wonder how possibly they can have good stories every two to three days. If so, their life must be super happening!

I just can't see the effort I'm paying to my final exam, which i had swear to myself few weeks ago that i got to get at least two As in this finals, despite the frequent class skipping in this semester.

There are still freaking tough subjects for me like Highway & Traffics Engineering, Fluids Mechanic, Theory of Structure, Ethnics Relation and Calculus. How am i suppose to study all within one week?

Ya ALLAH,please give me the strength....(^_~)

This week is study week,not study weak!!!

click picture to enlarge

Study week start already !!!

OMG !!!

So FAST !!!

Still no mood to study yet !!!



Monday, April 12, 2010

Why are some people more successful than others?

Some people are more successful than others. Why is that?Is it intelligence?Is it education?Is it "who you know, not what you know..."?Are the educated and intelligent people always the most successful?If we could answer these questions, we might gain some valuable insights.I wish to make a claim; I claim that "Success is predictable".

Success has certain definite causes.I want to write about the causes so that that each of us may act on them and, in so doing, become more successful.

Let us first define our terms.What is success?Success is defined as "the achievement a goal". Therefore our first observation is: Success requires a goal. The identification of a goal a prerequisite of success. Yet we know that many people do not set goals.

Verify this for yourself
Ask the next twenty people you talk to for their goals list. Most will not have one. Many people have NO goals. It is a strange phenomenon. Because if success means "the achievement of a goal" then the first step must be to "write the goal down."

Sufficient intelligence.
"Knowing the goal" is not enough to be successful. A certain level of intelligence is required to achieve the goal because success will demand that you solve problems. If we define intelligence as: "The ability to solve the problems that face you". Then "intelligence" means that you have the capacity to solve the problems that stand between you and the achievement of the goal. But bear in mind that you do not have to be a "Genius" to be successful.

Sufficient education
Intelligence and Mental capacity are not enough. You may have a large "mental capacity" but nothing of value stored in it. The guy is brainy but lacks education! You need sufficient Knowledge relating specifically to your goal. Because in order to solve your problems a certain level of special knowledge and expertise will be necessary. Therefore a level of specialised knowledge and education will be a prerequisite for your success. Education should be continuous and purposefully related to the goal for which one is striving.

Good social skills
But that is still not enough!Success demands that you are Harmonious. Harmonious means: "Able to work in concert with others". The achievement of a goal will require the cooperation of others. Therefore good social skills would be beneficial to you. Poor social skills will be a serious liability. How able are you to forge productive working relationships with others? Do you have habits that prevent effective relationships?If "yes" make the necessary changes in your personality. You owe it to your family!

Good character
Harmoniousness on its own is still not enough. On a deeper level, your actions are guided by your
Good character that you have built up over the years. Your character is "the sum total of your thoughts, values and habitual actions". There are two particular characteristics traits that invite success

Honest is vital and has two aspects:
1. Honest with regard to property : Fraudulence or thieving will cause failure.
2. Honesty in regard to a respect for truth; Lying or cheating will cause failure.
Nobody wants to work with a dishonest person. Dishonesty will cause failure. Honesty will promote long term success

You must be a good worker. Being willing to work is a powerful indicator of success. Being lazy is a powerful indicator of failure. If we combine the above to say that success will be attracted to the people who are.

Honest and hardworking, and success is repelled by those who are. Dishonest and lazy, now we have something to work with.

Here is a list of success attributes:
1. Clear written goals
2. A problem solving intelligence
3. Sufficient specialised education
4. Good social skills
5. Honesty
6. Industriousness

Here is the opposing list for failure:
1. Drifting: No goal focus, waiting for your luck to change.
2. Unwillingness to take the initiative to solve problems as they come up.
3. Unwillingness to study and learn new skills and master changes in technology.
4. Any disagreeable habits or any poor social skills.
5. Habitual dishonest in any form
6. Habitual laziness.

Check yourself against this list and see what you can learn.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's human nature,easily trapped in our own emotion.Until we're blind to see what's best for us.That's just who I am.

Strange but true.When you laugh with each other,a foe can become a friend.That's how it is between love and hate,fondness and contempt.Only a thin line that separates them.

Who would've guessed that the woman that I used to love appeared again in my life.But I'm not certain if she should be given a second chance.

In life,human will make mistakes.But who should determine whether or not the person deserves a second chance?

Even in a thousand years,it will never occur to me that the person I used to love the most would appear again in my life.If I had been certain that I wouldn't repeat my past mistakes,seeing her again,I've become uncertain.

Who would have guessed that what had befallen us like the wind of a hurricane was just a breeze compared to the turmoil I'm feeling right now.Dear Allah, do give me strength.

If I had a thousand hands,I'd spread my palms to fill the seventh sky with prayers.May Allah fulfill my prayers. Insyallah.


People say that we can never know what's in people's hearts.It's true,isn't it?We will never know what's inside someone's heart and mind.We do everything according to our logic.At times,it doesn't make sense to others.But we still stand by our viewpoint because to us that's the right one.Others will not understand because they are not us.

What seems right to us might seem wrong to others.No matter how good our intentions are,there are always opposites.The one that can see everything is ALLAH.That's why,men can only plan but ALLAH determines it all.

Who can understand what's in the hearts of others?Even a mother and a child are two different people.Each has his own heart and hope.But,I can't imagine life without my mother...'SAYA SAYANG MAK SAYA'!!!!.....(^_~)

We're humans,a creature full of weaknesses.Without realizing it,we often trespass and hurt.Without knowing it,we've already destroyed something precious to other creatures.And in a blink,traces of magic that have been well-guarded in the forbidden world is destroyed with our presence.Forgive me...(T_T)