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Friday, December 10, 2010

Everland Theme Park

Finally, on Monday, I got to go to Everland amusement park, the second biggest reason I went to Korea, but definitely the best!

Everland is one of Korea's most popular amusement parks. There is also a popular amusement park in Seoul called Lotte World, it is indoor so some claim it is the better of the two, as even during winter it is not cold. I was very excited to go to the Everland. While Everland is not Disneyland, it was a very fun day full of Christmas lights and parades!

By 9 a.m, we were up and headed towards the Gangnam Bus Stop. There we caught a bus to Yongin, the town where Everland is located.

It was so easy and convienent to hop on the bus and be dropped right at the gate to the park.

Admission was only 31,000 won each. Overall it was a really cute place, the entrance had Christmas decorations and lights all over and the main street was made up to look like famous places from around the world.

In the center of main street was a huge fairy like tree all decorated with lights and christmas ornaments.

The rest of the park was loosly divided into different theme areas "Magic Land" "European Land" and "American Land" were just a few. American Land was hilarious and ironically our first stop!

We went on a spinning "rodeo" ride, we stopped by a tipee, took pictures next to "rusty" mining gear and saw the sailing ship Columbus. It was all quite fun and really-really gorgeus!!


Cpt. Columbus Ship

Rusty Mining Gear

Rolling X-Train

While all the sections of the park were cutely decorated and attended by "cast members" wearing silly Christmas coats, snow hats and gloves, the rides were a little lacking. Most of them just went in circles or up and down.

We did go on one great roller coaster though!The T Express is one of the newest and main attractions at the Everland. It is one of the world’s longest wooden roller coasters, measuring in at nearly 6,000 feet. It is also the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world.


Its claim to fame, and now mine since I rode it, is that it is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world! They aren't lying, that first drop is dramatic and takes your breath away! It was also super cold outside so by the end of the ride you are quite frozen.

The cast members working the park were also super cute, they always had to wave their hands at passers by, as in, at all times. It did make things pleasant but when I waved back and they didn't stop I always felt like I should keep waving too!

We ended the night by strolling through the Chritmas lights before catching our bus back to Gangnam. The day was chilly and long but lots of fun.

Everland : Land of festival for 365 days!