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Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 reunion

Event          : Sesma 29 Eid-Mubarak 2010 reunion
Time           : September 13 ( 10 a.m - 11 p.m )
Place           : Around Kuala Terengganu
Participant : 22 persons

At 10 a.m, about 19 of Sesmarian Batch 29 were gathered at Aziz Haladin a.k.a Pok Din's house. He hosted an open house and 'Solat Hajat' as he is going to pursue his Medical Degree at Volgo, Russia. Congrate bro!!

pok din's house
After that, we make our way to our beloved father's house, Mr. Hj. Rahimi b. Ramli. He is such a great teacher who are taught us to be a good person while 5 years in SESMA. I'm sorry to say this, he is far,far  away better than our principals that time. Maybe you are not agreed with me, but it's ok. Everybody have their own perception, am I right?

Mr. Rahimi's house
Besides 19 guys above, there are still 3 females that are Nadia, Farahin and Sabariah. I'm so sorry, I dont have your pictures to upload here.

At 3p.m, we moved to Mr. Kamaruddin's house, our second beloved father. Such a nice house. It's look like a museum in a garden. Extremely beautiful lorr....(><,)

Mr. Kamaruddin's house
talking after long time not see each other
We have a pack schedule and lack of time. There are many activities we were doing on that day. At 5p.m till 7p.m, we were playing futsal at Sport Arena, Gong Badak. Because I did not bring any sport clothing and shoe, I'm just be an audience with Ayad and Mat Lemi. It's ok laa, at least I got some accompany with me.  

After that, we went to the Pantai Batu Buruk and have some talk with each other till 11p.m. It's good to have an event like this,am I right? We got to see each other after a long time especially with our friends who were studying oversea. They were not easy to celebrate Eid-Mubarak and join this event every year with us. So, it's is a precious time and memory for them before heading back to the oversea.

Good bye guys, hope to see you more next year...hehe


  1. unxpected meeting actly..
    x sngka bleh jmp ngan set2 mu kt umah cg..huhu~
    nway, nice to meet u again guys..
    slmt ari rayer~=p

  2. haha,tue laa pasal...
    tp,npe korg bertiga jew??
    mane lg dak2 pompuan yg laen??

  3. haha...last minute, msg2 ader hal..
    so, tggl kitorg jela..
    farahin yg handle, aq ikut jer..

  4. kitorg lg laa last minute...
    pukul 9 bru dpt call drpd Farhan Pisal yg dak2 nie ade wak reunion ari tue..
    seb baek buat dekat ngan umah aku jew...hahaha