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Friday, September 3, 2010

the good and the bad news...

I have two news today,a good one and a bad one. Which one do you want to know first??

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Let me start with the bad one ok. The saddest thing is I'm not do good in my Environmental Engineering test this morning. I cant answer all of the questions were given.Very-very scary with the questions. It's very tricky lorr. Arghh!! I dunno what to say. Hope that my result is not too bad.Please god,help me!!!

he just like me lorr!!

The good news is my proposal have been approved!!! Waa, really-really happy and I love the moment when I got the result.Hehe,good news is always bring cheer,right??

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Guess what, it's my lucky number,no. 8...hehe...Congratulation to all who have been successful and I would like to thank to Nur Azzimah because of her hardwork,and of course to Sobri too. Good job guys!!

Just one step more before we get on the plane. Hope we can finished all the tasks and going to Korea this december.Insyallah.


  1. wow. korang mmg confirm p korea ke this december?
    under budget IO???
    IO peruntukkan berapa actually tok international visit?
    ni under SRN ke? cik azie x cerita pun. sampai hati die. :(

  2. Ha'a,bawah budget IO.x pasti lak berapa jumlah peruntukan yg IO ade.tp,die ckp,klu boleh,die nak anta seberapa ramai student yg boleh.Hampir seratus org lg dlm list KIV.Seb baek kitorg lepas.mmg rezeki kitorg laa tue kot...

    Insyallah,klu xde pape masalah,sampai laa kitorg kat Korea bln 12 nie....hehe

    laa,cik Nad kan pg Sepanyol.lg gempak!!!

  3. woah bestnye korg. korg lg best. dpt pegi tahun ni. nad pun just lulus but tanpa budget. zzz, x best tol. ade gak mohon kat io br2 ni. hope lah dapat..huuhu..

    korg buat ni persendirian ke or under SRN? nway congrats ya. tangkap gmbr byk2 nt. =)

  4. persendirian...amir ngan azimah je dak SRN,sob x...

    insyallah klu sampai...(><,)