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Friday, February 5, 2010

6 Hours at HTAA

I went to the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA) yesterday evening because one of my BFF, Aloy got dislocation of left shoulder joint while playing volleyball and couldn’t move his arm – this is the seventh times after he got the same injury last three month because of rugby.

I took some picture.You can see it below.

Before the surgery process

While waiting the surgery to finish

Haha,so boring lorr.The surgery procedure took almost 1 hour.So,while waiting, Azfar and me took some gimmick photo as a patient. The nurses were so friendly and sporting also. We have a chance to chat but I'm not flirting okay!!!

After the surgery

It's a very touching moment lorr. Azfar looks so sad. Don't worry laa, Aloy is okay. He look like that because of he is in anesthesia to reduce the pain.


  1. ni sape yg skt ni?? 3 org sekali skt..ade yg mcm skt prut jer...pndai ek korg berlakon blkg aloy...ak turut simpati r

  2. lOl...mcm2
    Wish aloY cpat smBuh...


  3. aku ngan jepar ngah sakit otak.hahahahaha...

    tp,jgn risau,kitorg dah sembuh.ade doktor amoi yg sgt cute-miut yg rawat kitorg.hehehehehe....

  4. ha'a,...
    x salah kan...

    comey dow doc tue..

  5. semoga beliau cepat sembuh..hehe

  6. jgn bg loy main sport da...setiap kali main kna pegi hosppital..lama2 susah nak elok da...x larat nak nasihat da die tu...kalau die nak main, jgn bg die join..tgk je x pe...

    please, nasihat kat die...

  7. cik fariesha knal ke aloy?

    xtau laa, amir xleh sekat kemahuan die...
    tp,bg nasihat n teguran tue boleh laa..
    spe laa amir nie nk tegur2 ape yg die buat...

  8. cuba tnye die knal x fariesha:)) kalu die kata x knal mmg nak kena la tu..hahhaa...

  9. dah tau,....
    akak Aloy kan...