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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Searching for answers? Maybe you’ve already found it.

Hey there!It has been a very very long while since i last wrote an entry. I tried writing a few times but i was just too busy to write. Either that or i wasn’t in the mood to write. Wrote half way and then felt that it was boring so i deleted them.

Furthermore, the gay problem have made me headaches. So, I can't think wisely.

I was just thinking about things and then suddenly WHAM! the title of this post just came to me. So, if you have time to spare, then you can read on.

I believe people who are searching for answers can be categorized into the following Marvel characters:

IRONic Men
A lot of people out there are searching for real answers or truths. Ironically, some of them have already found the answer but chose to ignore it because the truth works against them. If they continue to ignore ‘the truth’, then logically, they will never find it and thus their quest for ‘the truth’ will never end. Either that, or they will look until they find an answer that suits their taste or an answer that agrees with them but then, that wouldn’t be considered as searching for ‘the truth’ since it’s more of ’searching for someone to agree with me’.Having said the above, somehow the Iron Men continues zealously in his journey to find ‘the truth’ and at times will be saddened because ‘the truth’ that he is seeking for does not seem to appear.

These people are the type that says that they’re looking for answers but from their actions, they don’t actually seem to bother looking for answers. At times, they will strive to find answers and then they’ll stop looking and do other things before venturing out again on their quest for answers. They are like the weather, sometimes sunny and sometimes rain. They might look for answers and then suddenly stop looking only to continue looking later on.

These people are a little bit weird. They’re trying to show people that they’re ‘deep’ and so they go around telling others that they are searching for answers but actually they have no intention to change whatsoever. They are a bit irritating because when you question their motives, they tend to get all flared up with claws unsheathed, ready to strike at you for questioning their determination and their ‘deepness’.

Right, i can’t think anymore with the flu and all and so i am going to stop writing.

Buh Bye...(^_~)

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