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Saturday, February 6, 2010

WTF,I’m Not Gay You Idiot!!!

Location : Facebook chat
Time : 12.35 a.m
Syamer : wey...

Aku : nape?

Syamer : Aku dengor org kate mg gay.Btol ke?

Aku : Masyallah,spe plop wak cite ning?Mg dgor dri mane?

Syamer : Ntoh, heboh doh awok ning citer psal mg..

Aku : Spe?

Syamer : Ade laa...Aku nok dgor dri mulut mg diri.Btol Ke?

Aku : WTF!! Setan laa spe hok wak citer tuh...

Syamer : Cpat laa jawab.Aku dok kisoh pon klu btol...

Aku :Mane ade syamer weh.otak aku dok sewel lg nok wak mende tuh..

Syamer :..................

Gay? no, i'm not gay. why do people think i am?

Now, almost the whole university knows about it. is it because of somebody concoct a story to blot me off or something else?

There's no way for me to be a gay. eeeeee....

It is not for me to answer if I am gay or not. Only God and my mother know about my sexuality. What kind of person are you if you believe in such wild gossip?

I have nothing against homosexuals, but God has created Adam and Eve for lots of reasons, and for some reasons, God didn't put Adam and Steve or Annie and Eve together.

No, I've nothing against homosexuals. i just don't agree to their lifestyle, that's all. it's like me tasting a dish, and i say it's not nice, but you say it's delicious. and i have nothing against that.

I am not gay just because i don't hang out with girls. Why? because I'm a shy person especially with girls. They're nice enough and i just connect with them when there have a need to do so.

“Only those who are sincere will be able to differentiate what is the truth and not”

Well, sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but I like girls only ok? My ass is for exit, not entry ok? I like pies, not strudels ok? I want abalones, not bananas ok? Please lah, I'm not gay!!!


  1. kena fitnah la ni...ish ish ish..

  2. tue laa....

    xkan kna buat sumpah depan Al-quran bru diorg nk p'caye kot...

  3. oOOOO..ni sbb r ko tensen2 ey??
    sabOla ey..
    2 mst dak 2 dengki ngn ko..
    2 yg dye wt cter..

  4. kenapalah diorg dengki sgt kat aku...
    ape salah yg aku dah buat???
    samapi diorg sanggup fitnah aku mcm tue...

  5. amir..sbr ye...ni adalah ujian ALLAH ke atas hamba nyer....renung2 kn kisah nabi dan para sahabat nabi yg difitnah.....sbr ye...ujian allah ade bnyk hikmah nyer.. :)...semoga amir dlm lindungan allah sentiasa...amin...

  6. eh??ak xpnh dgr pn..
    sabar2..mulut manusia..huhu~

  7. woooo..gak kejam r snggup ckap kt member cm2 kan?
    ape2 pon hrap dpat hadapi sume ni dgn tbah..
    Allah xmnguji hambeNYA yg xley nk hdapi ujian 2..
    anggapla 2 sume dugaan,sbar..
    ksabaran arinih akan diAward kan dgn kbhagiaan hari esok..Amin..

  8. sbr byk2 eh mir,,,trok btol sp yg wt ftnh cmtu... tp tula kt dunia ni de mcm2 org...slh 1 yg mg pnuh hsd dgki...sbr k...yg pntg amir tau dr amir...n fmly syg amr...n kwn2 tau amr cne...sbrla mir eh..de hkmh dsblk sume ni...mb skg xnmpk ag hkmh die...byk2 sbr k...jgn down sbb mnde nih...jgn down n stress k,klu kte down...mst org yg nk jthkn amr tu ske.jgn bia mnde ni pthkn smgt kte...yg pntg rmi org support amir k...doa n sbr byk2...smg amir mnjd sumone yg strong tuk hdpi sglnye

  9. ada org bdoh yg menimbulkan spekulasi nie di saat amir nk diangkat menjadi YDP SRN UMP.mmg sial laa org tue...

    skang ngah confuse samada nk pegang ke x jawatan tue....

  10. ju z go ahead..bkan snang nk ttup mlut org nih..
    bt je ape yg kite nk bt k?
    as long as mnde 2 bek utk kte...ok?
    jgn give up..:)

  11. owh..no wonder la de org wt spekulasi cmtu...trang benderang ag mg org tu nk jthkn amr...amr..u r big enough to think...
    jgn la sbb ftnh bodos cmtu...amr nk lpskn jwtn tu plak...go on je ngn pe yg amr wt skg...jgn lpskn sesuatu krn sumthng yg xrelevan...mg byk cbrn kn kte hdpi...tmbh lak tym kte nk nek..dh2..jgn rnsng2 or headache2 k...
    ignore je spekulasi murahan tuh....u noe who u r...n i noe u cn b a great person..but dun 4get to ask the strengthness from Him...

  12. yup,tQ for all dat have supported me...

  13. CHILL Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jgn layan smua gosip2 liar tue....
    believe in urself....