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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's study week but I'm doing nothing...

Yea, like I’ve said, this week is study week and I haven’t study a single word yet. Guess what I did today?

Few minutes ago, i read niA_oii_Voice , Afifah solehah's site and WeLcOme To My LifE's blog. I was really amazed by their effort and determination to blog, almost everyday, or perhaps one entry in 2-3 days. Comparing myself to them just made me feel, erm. lazy? or should i say procrastination? Yeala i know blogging is not listed in to-do list for most of the people out there, but really can't deny that famous bloggers are paid to write good stories and eventually get famous. I just feel expressing myself using mouth will be more better, rather than texts.

I wonder how possibly they can have good stories every two to three days. If so, their life must be super happening!

I just can't see the effort I'm paying to my final exam, which i had swear to myself few weeks ago that i got to get at least two As in this finals, despite the frequent class skipping in this semester.

There are still freaking tough subjects for me like Highway & Traffics Engineering, Fluids Mechanic, Theory of Structure, Ethnics Relation and Calculus. How am i suppose to study all within one week?

Ya ALLAH,please give me the strength....(^_~)


  1. thankz for reading.. =)
    good luck..
    sy pon x stdy lg ni
    sibuk ngn assgmnt..
    blog tu selingan je..

  2. hehe..ak pun termasuk ke?bile tension blog la tempt luahkan :) dats enough 2 release tension when see so many paper,books,pen n etc..ahaha

  3. fighting amir!!!....

  4. ~ain~
    chayouk2...sme laa kite.assignment berlambak lagi x siap neh...

    yelaa,amir tgk blog madi sentiasa update jew.3 blogger yg plg aktif yg ade dlm bloglist amir neh...jgn tension2,wak rilex sudah...hahahaha


  5. hahah.. ko nie merr.. blaja2... jgn asek dok melayan jak.. hee~~ aku dah abesss.. weehuuuu.. :))

  6. ~ayein~
    waa,bestnye...have a nice holiday...