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"I write what I think.
But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's human nature,easily trapped in our own emotion.Until we're blind to see what's best for us.That's just who I am.

Strange but true.When you laugh with each other,a foe can become a friend.That's how it is between love and hate,fondness and contempt.Only a thin line that separates them.

Who would've guessed that the woman that I used to love appeared again in my life.But I'm not certain if she should be given a second chance.

In life,human will make mistakes.But who should determine whether or not the person deserves a second chance?

Even in a thousand years,it will never occur to me that the person I used to love the most would appear again in my life.If I had been certain that I wouldn't repeat my past mistakes,seeing her again,I've become uncertain.

Who would have guessed that what had befallen us like the wind of a hurricane was just a breeze compared to the turmoil I'm feeling right now.Dear Allah, do give me strength.

If I had a thousand hands,I'd spread my palms to fill the seventh sky with prayers.May Allah fulfill my prayers. Insyallah.

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