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Friday, April 16, 2010

What's the best way to memorize something?

It's different for everyone.If you go by the 3 learning styles, there's people who learn best with their eyes, people who learn best with their ears, and people who learn better by touching and doing.
  1. If you learn best with your eyes, you're most likely to memorizing something by reading it, or writing it.
  2. If you learn best with your ears, you're most likely to memorize something by having it read to you, or repeating it to yourself.
  3. If you learn best with your hands and touching, you're most likely to memorize something by doing it.
For me personally, it depends on what it is I'm memorizing. If it's studying for a test, I like to write things over and over again. If it's memorizing directions by using a map, I like to memorize the map. But when it comes to calculation, I definitely have to do some exercises.

Committing large portions of text to memory is a good exercise to keep ones mind alert. This is a vital skill especially for students. But most people find this too difficult and give up within a short period of time. As people get old, the ability to remember and recall things also seem to diminish. Just when people get old enough to realize the importance of memorizing text passages, they find themselves too old for the task at hand.

But there is a much simpler way to memorize even large portions of text passages with ease. Have you noticed that when you keep listening to a new song a couple of times, you seem to easily remember the lyrics even tough you never made a conscious effort to do so. You hear a song a few times, and then you seem to know not the tune alone but the lyrics as well.

Listening is a powerful tool that can be used effectively for memorizing. So, to memorize text passages, you need to just listen to it being read aloud. You can either read the text and record it with your own voice.

This makes it extremely convenient to memorize large portions of text within a relatively short period of time. And you can do that while going through your normal everyday activities! Just think about that! You don't have to read a word, rather just listen to it being read, while going about your daily routine. This is not a substitute for reading, but it is definitely an invaluable aid that will enhance your memory and ability to recall the text at will.

Here, I include two prayers to remember things easily.

Good luck for the final exam guys!!All the best....(^_~)

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