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to be disclosed with words".

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Monday, April 19, 2010

final exam has started

Actually, i just came back from an exam (About 20 minutes ago). I prayed to God to help me remember what i studied and he did! The questions were easy if you studied, so i guess i studied. Drats, two more days and another paper will be flying towards me. Well, I’ll just have to face it.

Exams are sort of my Frenemy (Friend + Enemy), some sort of love hate relationship. If i passed, I’ll be glad that i did well. On the other hand, if i think i failed, whew, it would be so suffering while i await for the result to be out. Hmm … i shouldn’t actually be blogging right now since i haven’t studied for the next paper yet, but i guess I’ll kick back and relax for a while. Tomorrow i shall study! Woooohoooo! (I shall keep my promise).

Okay, my roomate is studying, argh, it makes me mad, here i am happily blogging and he’s there studying. Well, i guess he should, he will be busy tomorrow and the day after. So, he should study now.

Right, enough of my dumb rants about exams and studies, back to the topic of blogging.Hmm … i still can’t figure out what to base this whole blog on. It will not be about my life since that’s private, so i don’t really know what to write about. Hmm… maybe my baking experience? or studies?(Boring!), urm, what if i just rant as i want. Yeah, that should do it, that way i can talk about anything and go off topic anytime. Alright! I’ve decided to rant as much as i want in this blog. (^_^)

So, that is it for now. I’ve got to go and ‘Bobok’(sleep in Indonesian language).It sucks to be me!


  1. good luck amir! do your best..=)

  2. gambatte kudasai amir pali!!!
    3 more paper...

  3. same goes to you.all da best!!!

  4. mer.. aku dah abess.. gud lark laa ea.. :)

  5. same goes to me..gudluck