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"I write what I think.
But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've Got My Right Moves...

So what if I’m feeling a little bit blue today? So what if I listened to Jay Sean’s latest album for hours and only like one song in it? So what if I hate everyone today? So what if I still let it linger in my mind? So what if I let down other people’s feeling? So what if I talk back at you? So what if I think you are a whore? So what if I think that your dress is a little bit more over the top? So what if I still love listening to Britney Spears? And, so what if you’re 'bitching' talking bad about me?

Because life is a bitch hard and in order to survive it, you have to be one be strong. Face it, or you may be considered dead among the society.

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