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"I write what I think.
But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not happy, not feeling well…

Its raining in my heart…

Im not sure if that is possible though, what does raining in the heart exactly mean is? In my case, i would say my feelings of sad, a little bit of boring and a very small bit of loneliness. i guess it may include tiredness, laziness, sleepiness, madness,… ness,,, mess………..etc

ohmy… i feel kinda depressed.. not happy at all,.. to be truth, it doesnt have anything to do with my study.just got busy with my club's activities...huhu

with a little rain just now, i feel theres something wrong, i got some instinct things would be bad for next few days, maybe i should be more careful… not to mention, not to feel to excited as i may receive some bad news later on… it just that, i feel like i missing something… something not goes with the flow….

p/s : the feelings is serious.. dont laugh…T_T


  1. emmm...
    baca ayat2 cinta Allah..
    insyaAllah u will not feel lonelinessa again..
    chill la sunbae..(^-^)

  2. sabrla k,..anggp bnde ni sbgai cbrn,.t lau keje lagi truk cbrn yg akn menimpa,..ap2 hal pun mintk bntuan Allah supaya dipermudhkn urusan,..

  3. thanks guys...i'm trying my best 2 handle this problems..yeah,it's true.Allah is always with us...Fighting~!!