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Monday, November 8, 2010

3 hours before my 1st paper....

Today my first final exams paper will start on 9 a.m, and now at 5.39 a.m. I'm still blogging and to be truth, i wasn't quite prepared.

First paper ; Environmental Engineering.

I'm kinda stressing myself here, with all my coursework mark is below average, i don't see much that i can score great in this semester.

Some of the guy were not having any paper today, so i can see how the react on that, my housemates, enjoying himself of a 2 seasons marathon on Chuck. Others housemate, enjoying the sleeps like there's no tomorrow. and me here, killing myself using a Casio fx-570MS and a blue pilot mechanical pencil.

Right now, I'm very sure, some of my colleague are fully ready to their first battle. armed with their newly-bought pens, an exam slips, matrics card, and what other buff you could think of.Don't ever-ever thinking to bring any 'toyol' ok~!!

p/s : please don't forget to bring any of those weapons k? don't want to see any of you guys running outside the halls…hehe

Good luck. Haja2 Hwaiting~!!!


  1. uich, nk exam jap lg ni, pesal x tido lg? huhu. btw, good luck keh!! :)

  2. baru bangun laa Fiza..
    amir mmg jenis study waktu pagi..
    btw,Gud luck tuk Fiza gak...

  3. eh ko bru tukr background eh?hahaha..
    bru prasan n its nice..
    gud luck anyway:)

  4. dah dkat 2 bulan dow...
    smpai ati ko..T_T

  5. hak3...
    aduiii..apesal sy asyik nak tergelak je bce entri2 dlm blog amir ni...

    haha..ayat tu kot yg buat sy nk gelak jeee...=)

  6. @jaa :
    thanks Jaa...

    @cuiya :
    takpe,asalkan gembira sentiasa...
    jgn sedih2 lg tau..
    fokus study,itu yg penting...

  7. haha..
    still mood gelak guling2 =p
    anyway thanx a lot..
    i will do my best....

    kaneshna da...fighting!!!

  8. sukenye die b'guling2...
    kan x psal2 sakit belakang..hehehe

  9. tade nye sakit belakang..
    sini susu murah..hari2 minum susu konfem tulang belakang sihat dan kuat...

    a glass of milk perday..keep my backbone strong!!

  10. haha,amir kurang sket ngan susu..
    klu susu coklat takpe laa..
    klu susu lembu n etc..
    mmg x t'minum laa..

  11. susu lembu kat cni fresh..
    rugi tak minum...
    susu colkat??
    haha....ta kesahla asalkan amir minum susu jugak..
    kalau tak takcukup kalsium ti...=)

  12. haha,..
    bukan susu je yg bekal kalsium kan...
    makan daging ngan roti byk2 pon ok ape...hehehe