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Thursday, November 4, 2010

study week = study weak = submitting week

Yeah, like I’ve said, this week is study week and I haven’t study a single word yet. It's all because of those assignment,test and presentation that we should completed within this study week.

At this point, how i wish our system are more like the American. I mean in term of education. More flexible, more relax, more open. I'm so effin stress like WATAFAK!!!

This is the worst exam season for me. My performance are at the bottom of the wheel. Obviously i'm repeating TOS and Fluids Mechanics and i'm having serious trouble in revising other subjects. I'm feeling like taking a "special holiday" but firstly, i don't want to waste my time, secondly can't take already.

Besides, I want to grad with my friends la kot!! Hello! Haish, GOD please make things easy on me. After exam, serious self check need to be done. New policy should be implement, we have to make a major renovation in my schedule and priorities. Commitment check and focus driver need to be change. So that by next year and next semester it would be better for me and for the rest of my semester here in UMP.

Come on man! Nak sara anak dara orang tak kan nak fail kot.! haha!! Self Construction shall take place upon finishing this final exam. Only necessary social contact will be done. So if we are still in touch after final that shows you are something in my life mwahhah ~ Gilos!! Just kidding, I need you guys for my renovation okay, so don't shut or hibernate this semester break! hahaha!!

I just can't see the effort I'm paying to my final exam, which i had swear to myself few weeks ago that i got to get at least two As in this finals, despite the frequent class skipping in this semester.

There are still freaking tough subjects for me like Environmental Engineering, Fluids Mechanic, Theory of Structure, Law of Contracts and Estimation, and Statistics. How am i suppose to study all within one week?

Ya ALLAH,please give me the strength....(^_~)

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