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But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is This right?

Have you ever come across this situation where YOU at the corner of SOMEWHERE having a mind full of thoughts on ..

Is this right?

Well, I have... obviously... or else I won't be sitting here blogging bout it...

Sometimes I wonder, why waste time and think bout whether is whatever happening right?

Can't we just do what is right to our own opinion?

Of course, i'm not encouraging robbing bank, murdering n etc as something right even with valid reasoning..

Is it so hard? Is it so wrong?

NO It isn't wrong!! But it sure is hard...

Last time, I use to tell myself, just go forth and do whatever that is right..

Until mistakes comes in my way... and I'll just sit and ask myself THE question..

:: Is this right ? ::

Stupid question...! Why don't We find a solution to it rather than sit n stonne?


This is because... some of us are stronger and some are just not...

is it? Or it's plain me saying things to suit : ME: ?

Someone once told me, my life is like a drama....Isn't everyone's life the same? Filled with dramas?

Now im having my study week.. sitting at home bumming...

Gives me all the time I want to reflect on so many things..

My life , STudies , RelaTionships.. everything and just everything..

Thinking bout,Whether am I living in my own comfort zone,My own hole,Stuck living in my OWn world.Dreaming of a tomorrow which is not even in reality..

Am I too engross with whatever that is happening around me daily,that I don't take a second look at what is going on in this world?

Am I too stubborn,that I can't move on from what has happen?

Sigh I really don't know... but when this kind of things gushed through your head... I bet! It feels worst than tsunami!!

Ok - ok... maybe not DAT bad...

But I guess, life wouldn't be any easier on anyone... right?


Just go all out for it!
Live Life the fullest!!
(-ahem- In the right manner!! )

Do what You think is RIGHT!

Stand Firm and Strong in it!!

I know it's easier said than done..

but it beats NOT TRYING at aLL!



  1. aja aja fighting!!!

    all da best in everything u did in ur life...
    n owez remeber u hav Him in ur life...
    never put Him aside...
    n may Allah bless u owez..

  2. thanks Cuiya...
    I really2 need lot of support this time..
    I hope my decision is right...Insya-Allah

  3. isk3....
    i'm facing the same thing rite now....
    thanks post it to me....
    it's will give me a little pleasure....
    too stress rite now...isk3
    need shoulder to cry on..
    i want my mum to be here...huhuhuhu

  4. juz be cool ok..
    i noe u can do it too my dear cousin..
    aja2 fighting~!!!