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Monday, November 9, 2009

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”

Everyone wants to live longer with zero any health problems. Tell me who do not want. Usually, most of us think that if we do avoid smoking or anything else that may bring we can live longer than others. Yes, that is one of the ways. But, there are so many things we can do to live longer than usual. One of them is eat .I know you might think it is weird, “how come eat can make us live longer,” and” such a nonsense” may be the words that popped out from your minds. Stop, let me share with you how will ‘eat’ can make us to live longer.

First, take a daily dose of omega-3s. What the heck it is? I am not sure about it. Sorry, it was a joke.Actually, it is known as ‘anti aging fat’. It is because when you take it regularly, it keeps you cell functioning well which reduce the risk of heart attack, cancer and etc. For your information, seafood is the best source. Malaysia is the country where we can find seafood easily especially at. So, take this chance to take seafood as your dinner.

Secondly, double your fiber. We know that fiber may keep your blood sugar level steady. It can help you to avoid the risk of cancer and promote your heart health. Wow.. I am quiet shocked when I read about most of American eat double fiber. I thought they are preferred to eat fast food or junks. Yes, it may be false, but the truth is the truth. We can take the fiber from fruit as well such as berries, barley and etc.

Thirdly, start today, stop eating when you are 80 percent of full. Japanese practise this eating ritual even until today. They are consumedly low calories diet. The funny thing is, when you eat slow, it can help to control calories.. Have you heard that the women usually full faster than men? Actually, it is because women eat at a slower rate if compare with men that eat quickly. Thus, stop when you are satisfied. Please stop before you try to unbutton because when you do that, it shown that you have eaten too much.

Lastly, take protein regularly into every meal and snack. We know that protein help us to repair our cell. At least one takes twice per day. You really need it because when you get older, most of your cells will be damaged frequently. So, try to take it regularly. What I am afraid is the effects that haunt you at the future permanently.

Hence, if you wish to live longer, try to follow all of these tips. Fail to follow these, bad for you. If you are concern about your health or you life, so go ahead.


  1. haha..amir...
    u can b future doctor instead of future engineer..
    i think..


  2. yeah,I'm gonna 2 pursue my study till PHD..
    then,I got the title DR. also,right??
    IR.DR. Amir Fadli...Insya-Allah