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Sunday, November 8, 2009

my bff...

I am sure everyone in this world has their own friends. Everyone cannot live in this world without having any friends. I also have a lot of best friends, but the special friend that i learn about the meaning of friendship are little. We always together but now we are have our own responsibility and have own dream to achieve.They have their own path. Even we are not meet and together like before but we always keep in touch each other. I really miss them and our memories. Miss you a lots guys...(^_~)

My Sesma BFF

Hanapiah Sharunk And Faiz Teleng.

A very2 good friend that stand by my side all times. We spent almost time together because we're in the same dorm and class.Play truant together, play together, eating together, walking together, even sleep together. Hahahaha.....


Mohd Helmi b. Abd. Manan.

I just call him 'Lemi' @ 'Emy'. He such a nice person he is. He likes as my brother. Very-very close to me even sometime people misinterpreted us as sibling.


From left : Adib, Jepar and Alloy

I have been friend with them almost 2 years already. They were there if I got any
distress. They help me a lot in my study. Very-very appreciated with what have they done to me. Without them, I don't know how to survive in this cruel world.

Love you guy...(^_~)

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