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Monday, November 9, 2009

Never give up

There are so many reasons that make someone give up so fast. From what I had experienced, it is because the person never got the right support or security from both parents. Yeah, I had experienced it when I want to choose my study path.

My mom and dad like to see me as a doctor and they force me to apply JPA scholarship. Alhamdulillah, I got an offer to pursue my MBBS in Russia. But, I have make them dissapointed when I refuse to go because I know to be a doctor need a lot of sacrifice. It doesn’t suit me at all. For me, an engineer is more better.....*right??*

So, I apply for Petronas scholarship. Of course for engineering course. I like to pursue my study in US for civil engineering, but I failed in EDU-CAMP....WTF~!!

After matriculation, Petronas has offered me to pursue a degree in chemical engineering at UTP. I'm very interested in chemistry, but it doesn’t mean I want to be a chemical engineer. My father was a contractor. I've followed him since I was 6. I was very interested in construction. So, from that time I motivated myself that when I grow up, I want to be a civil engineer.

Alhamdulillah, at last I got what I want in 2008 ; to pursue my degree in civil engineering although it is from UMP.UMP pun best ape....hehehe

Why UMP?Why not UTM? I have been asked by most of my friends. I just answer that => dekat dengan rumah, boleh balik tiap-tiap minggu. hehehe.....*selambe je aku jawab*

Yeah, it's true. I am a homesick person because I have been affectionate since my birth. Most of the weekend I use to re-charge my battery, it's mean I need to see my family lorr. I can't live without them especially with my beloved mother.She always by my side when ever I need her.But, after a few month ago, I have change. No more homesick in my dictionary.

What I know is that it is actually quite helpful to talk to someone who can advices and guidance you to the right path. It is so helpful and important. Trust me. This is because they may give us something to ease our anxiety. I have my family beside me. Although it’s not what they want, but they still gave me 100% support. Thanks you mom,dad.....really2 appreciated with what you have done to me.

In my opinion, mostly we need to be pushed to do things. I’m like that too. I’ll start and never finish things unless someone makes me. Like malay proverb : Bagai tukul dengan pahat. We must knock it first before it goes through.Am I right???

But what the point is, tell ourselves that we can and do not allow doubt to come into our mind. I’m also thinking that we all are scared of the reality of life. At least we must admit it because most people include me tries to avoid it in destructive ways.

For that, do not allow life to bring us down. We were made for a reason and we are going to do something great if we believe.

Besides that, if we start to feel a little down, try to distract ourselves from those feelings. We can avoid it by doing things that we like such as walking around or listen to music. For a Muslim, like we already known, the best cure is by recite al-Quran…

So,don’t ever give up ok.....(^_~)


  1. owh...ump ok aper....anyway congrates dpt jugak kos civil engineering.....ambik kos yang kita xminat mesti susah kn..i believe u can be a good engineer one day..;)

    ank mak rupanya..hehehehe~

  2. hahaha...
    sbb tue laa tolak tawaran oc tue..
    xnak duk jauh2 dri family...

  3. bru je ckp pasal ni td kan?..dia da sedia jwpn rupanyaa...huhu,..saya pun ank mak jugk,..huhu,.hri2 kne kol mak,huhu

  4. yelaa,siapa kita kalau xde mak...