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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Everyone grew up with Maggi in some way. Either from consuming MAGGI because it’s delicious, fast and convenient, because that’s the only food a student can afford or because one does not know how to cook anything else besides MAGGI! Whatever the reason is, MAGGI has found its way to all households in Malaysia and Malaysians overseas.

The sounds of Mee Maggi, “sedap dirasa, senang di masak ” which roughly translated means “fast to cook, good to eat“, still rings in my ears until today. Almost 2 decades on, Maggi Mee is still one of the favorite instant noodles among Malaysians.

I just bought some MAGGI from Esso Gambang.with exams around the corner there wasn’t just enough time to get a decent meal.hehehehe.....(^_~)

This is what i'm eating right now at 5 a.m in the morning.huhuhu...*so poor of me*T_T

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