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Sunday, November 8, 2009

my team..

After talk a lot about my bff, now I would like to talk about my team. I can play most of the sports, but my favorite sport are volleyball and hockey. I got so many team. But I enjoy my playing time most in Don't Nerd Team and KMK Volleyball team.

Don't Nerd Team

Such a good team. We won all the competition that we entered especially hockey. No matter what competition they are, we fight as a team even I entered Nasyid competition with them. Hahaha..(^_~)

KMK Volleyball Team 07/08

Such a good memories with them. Very-very enjoyable team that I got. They got all the character as a team : friendly,cooperate,loyalty. We won gold for KMK in KAKOM 07/08.
Thanks god for such a good team.

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