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to be disclosed with words".

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll realized that I don’t blog everyday although I wish I can. It’s because there are many things going on in my study and personal life. Trying to find a good time to sit down and write from your heart doesn’t happen everyday, for me that is.

Recently, I’m frustrated and today is the worst one.

Many things that I wanted to happen did not go the way I’ve expected especially a few of my projects. Not only that, my handphone was giving a big problem recently and it’s been a pain in the rear trying to live without an handphone. Also, there are a million things that I need to approve and review to proceed because most of them are at a bottleneck.

You know the feeling when it seems like everybody wants a piece of you? That is what I am feeling right now.

Basically, I’m fighting against time to get tasks being completed and this is very frustrating because each time you finished one, then there will be more popping up.

I was at the verge of losing my patience so I took a break by watching a movie. And the movie I watched was the Pursuit of Happiness starring Will Smith. It’s a movie how a man pursues for his goal regardless of the obstacles in his life including being homeless. Great movie, touching story and it ends with a happy ending. By the way, this movie is inspired by a true story.

Anyway, by knowing your true purpose, all of your obstacles will be temporary. When you believe in what you can accomplish, everything else that are blocking you are just a test of time and some will called it, God’s test. It’s not Time or God’s denial but test of life we’re going through.

Once I start to evaluate my frustration at a deeper level, I start to learn more about it. How we represent our obstacles is how they’ll mean to us.

My remedy for stress, frustrations and any negative emotions is :
  1. know why you need to go through these feelings
  2. evaluate them whether it’s worth it
  3. represent them with a positive analogy that will assure you that these are not permanent
It’s easier said than done, but now, you know that you have the power to change and control your life.

Amir Fadli, You Can Do It!!!


  1. bahsyahhhh!!!!hehe..(^-^)
    amir..u can do it..hahaha...
    reading ur entri give me more strength.
    u let me know dat stress is a precious thing dat we need 2 appreciate it..haha...mengarut je kan..
    no man live wiehout stress..sometimes stress taught us to be more tougher than usual..make us more mature(amir je..haha),,,

    so...Amir Fadhli u can do it....(nak ckp kat diri sendri jugak sbenarnya..Cuiya ..u can do it..haha...menyemak je kan!!!)

    anyway..like diz song..insyaAllah...

  2. congrate dear cousin...
    you alwez know the rite path where shud u put urself on..
    know wat shud you do in whatever condition..
    know how to manage you own in a easy n hard situation....
    strezz??? normally happen to all not only u k...
    by the way, face it bravely and strongly....
    take it as a new lesson in life...
    anyway...i know you can do it.... great man..