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to be disclosed with words".

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

got 2 juniors in blogging world...

Haha, i think i have to change my profession from an engineer to a blogger editor lorr,...

or a hacker maybe....hehe

Just a week ago, I have helped Cuiya Razak to touch up her blog, Ask your heart.....!!!

I'm very happy because she loves my work and really-really appreciated that. I think her blog is getting better than mine...hehe

And this week, I have helped another amateur blogger, Zizan Rahim to set-up his blog, ~Personal Taste~

For this blog, he just ask me how to set-up the basic thing only. I do think that he needs more than that.

We are getting busy and busy in our study starting this week, so the blog construction must be postpone till we got time to settle all the mess that we have started.

Just wait k~!!!


  1. thank u burn...sbb promote blog aku....
    btl ckp ko....skang ni tgh busy ssh nak cari mase tulis dlm blog....

  2. haha....
    memng la..hasl keje yg sgt lovely..sape tanak appreciate...hehe...


    tibe2 rasa femes jap..hik99(^-^)