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Friday, October 22, 2010

UMP SukFac 2010

On 16 and 17 October 2010, UMP held an interfaculty competition at UMP’s sport complex, and among the games that are played are volleyball, football and handball.

I played volleyball for my faculty, FKASA. It was fun and we play just for fun. And guess what, i won first place.How lucky we're...hehehe

Actually we did not expect to win, as we lost at the opening match against Faculty of Mechanical, the team that expected to be the champion as they have almost all of the UMP volleyball main players and we thought that we can't make it till final stage, but some miracle was happened then. FKM lost to FKEE and we won against FKEE. We all did our best and really put effort into the match against FKEE.We did played superbly.

I got some photos that was snapped by three paparazzis...hehehe

-team meeting-
-me, blocking the UMP volleyball 1st spiker-
-team meeting again as we lost da 2nd set against FKM-
-we ROCK~!!
-happy as we won 1st place-
-while watching FKEE vs. FKKP-
-how unlucky Ah How-
-Ah how, don't be jealous with us k....hehehe-
-we're the champion-
who say we only know how to mix cement for the concrete~!!!


  1. hahaha..hebat demo..aku dok leh nok main..sibuk nga koding2 kt lab blok x ngan y..huhuhu..

  2. congrate u oll...kim slm kt loy ye...hehe