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Monday, October 4, 2010

IIUM-Convest Games

Just coming back from UIA Gombak. Really a tiring week lorr. But I've no regret because our team won the 2nd Runner-up prizes that are medals and RM300 cash. It's ok laa than got nothing, am I right??

The tournament is a good game for my team to be ready for the next MASUM. We got such a good experience there when we were fighting with some quite strong team like TLDM, LHDN and TARcollege. They are such a good team to fight with.

I don't have enough time to story all about the weekend. Here are some photos that I took from my teammates. Hope it's can fulfill the things that you want to know about the tournament.

-UMP volleyball team-
-our medal-
-showing off-
-the champion-
-showing off to the female team-
-having a great moment-
-"kami bukan kanak2"-
-posing in front of UMP bus-
Even though the female team have not won any prize, but they are satisfied because they won against UIAM, the team that always been their enemy.

That's all for today. Got so many things to do laa...bye~

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