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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Dongdaemun is a prominent landmark in central Seoul, South Korea. The Korean name "Dongdaemun" means "Great East Gate," and it was so named because it was the major eastern gate in the wall that surrounded Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty.

I've written it as a must visit place after our arrival to Seoul.It was around 11:30a.m when we walked to the nearest subway station from the guesthouse which is the Beutigogae Station. We were accompanied by a group of Malaysians that also heading to Dongdaemun.

The place is supposed to be very very busy especially on weekends! I guess all the side walk vendors were closing because it was Sunday. But, we check on the net, it's not close on Sunday.Dunno why they close that day. But, we were lucky because there still got some vendors at the sidewalk were open.

Dongdaemun is a must go! ^^

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