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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daewoo E&C

The No.1 firm in terms of construction capacity, Daewoo E&C is well on its way to becoming a world-class engineering and construction company.

-Daewoo E&C HQ-
Founded in 1973, Daewoo E&C has spent thirty years at the forefront of Korea's remarkable economic development.

Relying on technological strength and quality-driven expertise, they have built reputation on industrial, residential, architectural and plant construction projects.

Using their accumulated knowledge and technological capability, Daewoo E&C continues to lead the industry in such advanced fields as "intelligent" skyscrapers, energy and environmental plants, nuclear power facilities, long-span bridges and high-speed railways.

-the entrance of Daewoo E&C building-

-GM Daewoo-
-Daewoo E&C-

Daewoo E&C : No.1 Construction Company in Korea


  1. waa...aktifnya kamoo update blog walaupown kamoo ade kt sane...
    bila korang sume balik msia??
    kim salam sama azimah,ya..hihi... ;P

  2. Kena update setiap hari sbb itu salah satu syarat dari International Office....

    lmbt lg..maseh ada 9 hari lg di sini...hehe

    ya,nanti Amir kirimkan salam dri Lyn tuk Azimah...