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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Embassy of Malaysia in South Korea

On the 3rd day, we woke up early (as usual...(><,)) to have breakfast and then we went to Malaysian Embassy in South Korea at Hannam-dong. Super cold that day + strong wind.

-in front of the embassy's main gate-
We had a meeting with Mr. Abdullah,Deputy Chief of Mission. We got a lot of informations from him.He told us almost all about the Korea started from the history,Korean War,The President of South Korea, Korea-Malaysia relationship and etc.

I will list down the main point that we had discussed.

1) Malaysia lags Korea for 10 years. You can see the difference from the railway system.
2) South Korea is a republic country
3) If you work in Korea, you will get 2 month bonus every 3 months.
4) The starting salary for fresh graduate is RM7000 (engineering field)
5) You will have to work whole day even if it is Saturday
6) Drug addicts in Korea is less than 1%
7) There is no such thing like subsidy in Korea. No subsidy for medical expenses, no subsidy for education, no subsidy for patrol, no subsidy on anything.
8)The citizen will have to bear the expenses all by themselves.That is why most families in Korea do not have more than 2 kids.

-photoshot with Mr.Abdullah-
We also had a meeting with Mr.Hanisan, who is the counselor for the exchange students, discussing about the education system for Korea and Malaysia.

Again, I would just list down the main point that we had discussed.

1) For students who want to further their Master in overseas, they will have to search sponsorship themselves.. JPA sponsor Degree only.
2) Malaysia - GDP 8000; Korea - GDP 20000
3) In Malaysia, we have 2 ministries to govern the IPTA and IPTS. In Korea, there is only 1.
4) Most universities in Korea are private. Less half-public,half-private.
5) Private sectors invest/sponsor the universities to build better facilities. New products invent/modify/improvise will belong to them.

-giving the UMP's sourvenirs to Mr.Hanisan-
-photoshot with Mr.Hanisan-
During the meeting, hearing all these information made me feel want to do something to improve Malaysia. Malaysia is considered as the top 3 countries in South East Asia but the systems that we have are old-fashioned.

In this fast changing world, it will be either you eliminate people or you will be eliminated. Changes need to be done and the first mission to be accomplished would be true unity. Unity among people is really important to ensure the country's development. Let's hope for the concept one 1Malaysia do work.

These courtesy visit did gave me a lot inspirations.

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