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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

our lodging,Happy Guesthouse...

At 10.45 p.m,we arrived at our lodging,Happy Guesthouse at Beotigogae. Such a nice appartment. The owner was very friendly and kind-hearted.

-in front of our lodging-

-our neigborhood-

-azimah with all of our foods from Malaysia-

-snapshot with all of the money, 2 million korean won-

-eating my first ramen in korea-

Happy Guesthouse

-our bedroom-


  • Public computers for internet.
  • Wireless internet available.
  • Coffee and green tea is free
  • Towels, Sampoo, Linse, Soap, hair dryer 
  • LCD Cable TV & refrigerator 
  • Mirror and hair dryer 
  • Every room is air-conditioned & have heat system
  • Laundry service
  • breakfast service 
  • private Locker
  • Fax and Copy
  • Happy Guest house near by small park

I would like to promote this guesthouse to all of Malaysian who gonna have their vacation in Seoul. It's really comfortable and have all of the facilities that we needed. Furthermore, this neighborhood have a lot of Malaysians. So, it's easy to survive here. You can check the details and make your reservation here.

The most reason why we are staying here is because it's very-very cheap. Why must you throw you money to pay the expensive hotel. It's reasonanble and affordable to rent a room in this Happy Guesthouse and save your money to buy some sourvenirs from Korea to all of your friends in Malaysia.


  1. wah!! sayer sgt jelez...
    facilities sume lgkap...nnt nak pegi jgk laa...hihi...

  2. pegi,pegi..jgn x pegi...
    'Hi seoul,soul of asia'...hehe

  3. cewah...da jadfi tourist promoter ke ape dah ni??
    hahaaa..sy nak tempah satu bilik...
    10 taun agy sy dtgla..hahaa=p

  4. haha...selama 2 mggu ini,blog saya akan dipenuhi dgn hal2 berkaitan seoul...so,buat2 bersabar jelah ek...