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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My ramadhan

I wish I have something interesting to post here today, then I remember that I haven't write anything about my Ramadhan yet.

Actually I don't have much time to prepare a more interesting post because my time was a bit pack for the past three weeks. I was sitting for my mid-term and trying to act cool so that I can still be online everyday...hehe

Last 2 weeks, I've been invited to break fast with Tuanku Canselor, Tengku Abdullah Al-Haj. I'm feel very fortunate to be there eating with the VVIPs. What is more interesting is the most delicious food.For the poor people like me,it's a very valuable moment because it's not easy to be invited to join this kind of event,right??

Tuanku Canselor
he got some 'duit raya' from Tuanku Canselor
Zul and me

For the past few days, my classmate has organized a breaking fast ceremony to all of A31 members at Padang MPK, Kuantan. This event is an annual programme that we'll held during ramadhan every year.

Zizan and me
our classmates
get ready to break fast
waiting with patience
while waiting the Azan

posing in front of an DSLR
Dunno what they're looking for...
still got time to discuss about club's activity...
A31 girls
I'm still confuse,who is Su and Sha....hehehe
control 'ayu'....hehehe

That's all about my ramadhan for the past 2 weeks.Hope more exciting event were coming onward.Insyallah...(^_~)


  1. event berbka dgn tuanku canselor 2 plg best. tp syg xterpilih utk pergi. huhu. tunku puan phg ada dtg x? admire baginda so much lor! :)

  2. mesti laa datang.siap bawak 2 org putera lg.puteri tggl kat istana.takut aku ngorat kot...hehehe

    takpe,ade rezeki nanti smpai laa mase die nanti.fight for anugerah diraja,mne tau dpt dinner ngan tengku canselor ye dakk??

    aja2 fighting!!!