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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

today,i'm failed as a leader...

Well if you compare me with an ordinary man, yes, I'm fulfilled. But if you consider me as a leader, I've failed. I've failed because we have not been able to really put up a system that make people in UMP to be proud of us, SRN UMP.

It have been a year I hold the presidency of SRN UMP. But, what are the changes that I have done?

And I know people always say, 'presidents,presidents'. But it has not always been the leaders alone, the military also have their blame. Now, they have changed their uniform into civilian gown and have eaten deep into the political system. I don't believe that we should blame the politicians, I think we should blame ourselves.

But as a leader, I'm not happy that this is happening and we cannot do anything. And that is why you'll notice that in recent times I have been very quiet. I've almost withdrawn to myself, leaving this thing to the youths to take up their own destiny and educate the people. We must have a good election where people must be ready and be able to elect the leaders of their choice.

But for how long are we going to continue like this?You cannot allow all these situations to continue this way. Something must be done and if at critical point, I still want to keep quiet, and not talk, and not try to make things change, I don't know what will happen. Maybe they'll drive me back for having failed completely.

Failing exam is not the bad thing there, but not knowing why you failed is the thing that is bad because, certainly, if you do it ten times, you'll not pass. But once you know why you failed the first exam, you can always repeat it and pass.

So,what can I do now?Should I give-up?


  1. o-to-ka-joa?
    fighting2 amir...

  2. what should I do...(youre beautiful nyer cter)...
    jgn emo2 k....

  3. argh!!!tension,tension n tension...(@_@)

  4. alang2 tensen....
    baik lpskan tensen tu...
    klu x..tensen tu trperap je...
    lg ssh...btl x?

  5. uljima~


  6. lagu yg bleh hilangkan tensen kamu~

  7. I really agreed with you amir. sometimes people tend to blame the top people rather than the military. if only the upper ones does the things, while the soldiers aren't doing thing. How can we expect things to change? I felt how you felt amir.
    Just, be strong okay to cope with it. Gud luck! (^_^)

  8. @kinah : ha'a,btol2...bru je blik dri lepas perasaan neh...hehehe

    @ana : nanti amir tgk ek...

    @nad : 10s Nad.I'm try 2 be strong n fighting back!!!