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Friday, August 27, 2010

Throwing your shit, isn't that rude enough?

OMG. I hate when i have nothing to hear than about Indonesian making fool of Malaysia. Those people are damn horrible. You feed them and they throw you shit. There are even websites developed just to tell people how bad Malaysian is. If that so, why bother coming here? If you all are just good enough, why come here and commit all crime stuff? If your country is really good, ok. Don't send any of your people here. All of you can 'blah' from here. Even if u don't even have courtesy to say thanks to Malaysia for taking you and give you job and money to eat, just keep quite and behave like a human!!!

Why must they being so angry with Malaysia? As I remember, we have a very-very good relationship before. Malaysia always help them whenever they have any difficulties,am I right? The 'Ganyang Malaysia' and 'Sweeping Malaysian' are so very useless effort lorr. Are they that kind of stupid or what? We have approximately 2 millions Indonesian who are working in Malaysia. What will happened if Malaysia doing the same thing as they did, 'Sweeping Indonesian'? What will happened to their economy if Malaysia pull back all the Malaysian-owned industry in Indonesia and break the relationship?Who gonna help them if they involved with disaster like before ; tsunami,earth quake, volcano eruption. Are they not noticed about this or they are really stupid to think?

This kind of incident have changed my though about how good Indonesian is. After this, maybe I'll not listening nor watching any Indonesia stuff and I'll not buy any products from Indonesia.

"Boycott Indonesia Products"

credits to Utusan Melayu & Hime

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