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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tasik Kenyir fishing trips

a tapah weighing 7 kg

Recently I had the benefit of a little extra time to do some fishing with my male family members. Excited, I got a sms from my brother-in-law to plan a fishing trip in Tasik Kenyir for the Saturday and Sunday. All holiday, no play almost turned me into a dull boy. I decided to fish as well.

Fishing was more of a joyride, checking out different areas. Upon arriving at the river mouth, we found the water too shallow for our boat. There is this long sand bank that made going into the mangrove impossible. We headed back out & fished near some other rocky outcrop.

We had lots of nibbles from crabs at the bottom. After a while my rod tip dipped. I grabbed my rod & slowly brought in the slack. Suddenly all hell broke lose. My reel screamed & the fight was on. The fish swam under the boat & I was praying that my tackle would hold. After about 5 minutes of play I finally landed the fish. A 'baung' of about 1kg in weight made me smile.

a baung that was fish by me

After about an hour we decided to do some trolling back to the jetty. We trolled around some more rocky outcrops but no takers. We arrived at one rocky outcrop that was boiling with leaping anchovies. There must be something big down there. Only problem was we ran out of time and had to return to the resort to do a nature walk.

These fishing trips was indeed great fun & good relaxation. Trouting my brother-in-law make good fishing buddies. Looking forward to fishing with you again bro.

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