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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zodiac signs and obsessions...

I don’t believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs cos they’re so absurd still once in a while i enjoy checking ‘em. sometimes these once-in-a-while become so often it looks like an obsession.

There are several things that affect people’s moods like weather, surroundings, food….. so being all human surely those who share pretty the same backgrounds may show alike characteristics as well.

Anyway, the other day I was reading random stuff and I bumped into something interesting, someone categorized dominant people according to their signs, Yeah that is pretty interesting so it’s something I’m gonna post real soon.

Ok time to go to bed, it’s 12.40 am and i’m not feeling sleepy at all and it’s not a good sign.

I want to hear you moan so loud those heartless ice covering the river shatter into pieces.

well that’s a thought not at all practical when you hear your partner snoring in the other room.

I may start posting pictures again but that wont be this week cos I’m pretty enjoying blogging.

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