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But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday boredness

okay,first of all, i hate to call this a holiday because I didn't enjoy it at all.Just stay at home doing nothing,ouh yeaaaaah its the most boring-est holiday I've ever had, i mean the only thing i can do is
sleeping,eating,watching TV and playing some PS3 games n then sleeping again.

the only place I went for outing is mosque for Aidiladha n jumaat prayer..*sigh*

I'm very frustrated right now. because I hate it if i didn't enjoy my holiday and its such a waste.For me,i reaaaaaaally need to enjoy and relax during holidays.That !I call a real Holiday.I hate to think about study during holidays.haaaaiiiih

well,at least I get to spend time with my family and get to see my life time bestfriend/soulmate sister/ my bebbeh for one day even though the only thing we did on that day was eating.hah! layaaaaaaaaaan...


  1. 'jom layan VOLLEYBALL mase cuti'.......

  2. haa,13hb insyallah aku join korang..
    9-12 aku ade kem srn kat hulu langat,...