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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank you Aki!!!

Just remembered my late grandfather.Really-really miss him so much.He always by my side when I got scolded by my parent.

My grandfather sometimes invites me over to his house whenever holiday. I really like to go to his house. Why? It’s because he will then talk to me and tell me about his life experience and teach me life lessons. He likes to give me a lot of advice and i listen with an open mind.

“If you live life without a goal, you are like a vehicle with limited fuel. You drive around aimlessly and halfway through, your gas runs out and you have yet to reach your destination.”

“If you are old, always feel green. Never once think that you have matured. Once you feel matured, that is the time when you stop learning and start decaying”

“No man is an island. We all need each other. Nobody is perfect. We were born to fill in the gaps that others have and likewise others are needed to fill the gaps that we have. That is why even though you might not like a person, it doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore them.”

“What you are in the future depends on the books that you’re reading today, the friends that you’re hanging around with today and whether you have determined a goal to achieve.”

“Always smile!”

The above are some of his favorite sayings. My grandfather is a really great guy. I think 50% of the changes that happened to me was due to his contribution. He really broke down my walls.I am a better person than i was before. Thank you Aki!!

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