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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010..

After the year 2009, the New Year 2010 has in store various things for different persons. It is expected to be an eventful year with achievements and success in every field. This year you would achieve bigger goals and fulfill those commitments which were pending last year.

Whatever work we had thought of taking up but failed to do so, should be taken up this year. We all would try to make this New Year 2010 more successful and joyful.

Yes, I do realize that it's not quite time to celebrate the new year,but no reason not to be prepared right? Perfect for wishing your friends and family a very happy 2010.

days just passed by..just like that.
even when a clock ticks..every ticks equals to seconds.and the needle on the clock just keep ticking until it counts 60.and puff!!..already 1 minute passed.


time never waits for human.it will never wait for me!except when i use a stop watch.wahahah...

i wonder what Allah had planned for me in the future.how long will i live?how good can i be in my life?i just can do the best everyday.the very best from me.but, still, until now, i think i had never do anything that is best out of me.just moderate.i guess.

life is so unexpected.unpredictable.and i think that my life is just like the Stephen Curve**lol.

wishing all a Happy New Year. May you have a wonderful and blessed year.

~Welcome 2010~


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