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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Start of new semester...

Salam and hello everyone. Sorry for lack of updates recently and I’ve to admit that I wasn’t writing and posting actively in these 2 months due to some reasons that I can’t explain here. Well, this is just a quick-short-simple-update entry from me.

After having 'quite long' holiday since November, it's time to start the new semester.Since the new semester has started about a week and I’m now in Semester 4 for my 2nd year of my degree, I have to focus more on my studies.

Last semester was my most busy semester for me, but I still don’t have any idea about this semester, maybe it would be the same or more busy. Well, I’ll wait and see what will happen next.

First week of new semester is just like a holiday week, even in reality it is not a holiday, but it is a holiday because you’re not going to use much of your brain in this first week. Haha...

Anyway, you might be wondering why I’m telling and writing all these to you. Well, I’m still wondering too and still thinking of a good answer to give to you. But, tell me if you got the answer.

Owh, I think I should stop here for now and I think this entry is quite short enough to describe my previously mentioned “quick-short-simple-update” entry.bye!


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