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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1Malaysia... Achieveable??

Recently, our new Prime Minister announced this extravagant concept called ‘1Malaysia’ which basically means that all the races in Malaysia are united as one but seriously, I think the concept will not materialize if the mindset of the people continue to dwell on the past. More specifically, if Malaysians were to continue to dwell on the period between 1960s, the concept of 1Malaysia can just be thrown into the thrash can.

Now you ask why do i say such things? Well, it is simply the facts. May i quote the stand up comedian Mr. Russell Peters, “We are all racists”. Honestly, we are. The only difference is that we are racist on different levels/matters. Ironically, most Malaysians are friendly towards foreigners but are hostile towards their own countrymen (Oh, i forgot, if you’re a foreigner, they’re only friendly to ‘white people’). It’s just sad and not to mention stupid…

Just two weeks ago, my friend was warded in the hospital and what she saw was how racism was instilled into a young boy. Briefly, this was what happened:
  • 1) Chinese boy was in the room
  • 2) Malay boy was in the same room eating Rocky (you know, that chocolate biscuit thing)
  • 3) Malay boy offered the Chinese boy a stick of Rocky
  • 4) Chinese boy was about to take it when suddenly…
“Son! Don’t take that! It’s dirty!!!”
(Guess who?… … … … ) <- Chinese Boy’s Mother…
Logically, if it’s dirty, do you think the Malay Boy’s parents would allow their son to eat it…

I mean, come on! That’s just a little kid offering to share his goodies with another little kid, it’s not as if little kids know how to purposely plan to poison strangers. Nope, they don’t, that would be the knowledge that society as a whole instills in kids as they grow older. I think if the boy were to face similar scenarios, he’ll definitely grow up to be a well-groomed racist and he’s gonna subconsciously think that things offered by other races are dirty.

Anyway, the scenario above shows the root cause of racism which is PARENTAL TEACHING. Seriously, those of you who’re reading this post of mine, have you ever heard any racist remarks made by your parents? Have you yourself learned how to stereotype people based on their race?

  • Malays = Laziness & Mat Rempits
  • Chinese = Gambler (that’s why you see so much ‘Hutang Ah Long’ cases) & Promiscuity & Gangsterism
  • Indians = Violence & Poverty
    Parents are supposed to teach their kids the good stuff, but most of the time, due to their own upbringing, they instead teach their kids to be racists. To all Malaysians out there, i plead with you to forget what your parents say about the other races and experience building relationships with them yourself. “Belum cuba, belum tahu.”

    And you know what? The crazy thing is, racism does not happen among the aboriginals. Seriously, you don’t see the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia hating the Ibanese or Kadazans living in Sabah and Sarawak, and you sure don’t see them hating the Chinese or Indians or Malays. They just don’t!

    Most of us who are born from 1970s onwards should do away with racism. The older generation might be racist due to the fabled ‘Peristiwa Mei 13′. They’ve seen it happen with their own eyes and felt the horror/terror and whatever else. But we as the new generation, we have never had such incidents. We’ve never experienced physical beating for being a different race. We aren’t killed for being a different race. Nope, don’t see that happening. So why are we being so racist? I don’t know. Ask yourself. Is it because of your parent’s influence? Is it because someone out there have indirectly hurt you and you decided to label/stereotype his/her entire race as stupid? Is it because you watched too much TV? Is it because you heard stuff from your racist friends? The possibility is endless but always remember that ultimately, it is your choice in deciding whether to be a racist or not.

    Side Joke: I think, if the Internal Security Act(ISA) were to be used against people who are racist, all of us would end up at the Kamunting Camp.


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    1. agree....stop the racism!!haha

      perasaan racist tu ttp ade walaupun dh rapat dgn kwn2 kaum lain...