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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't listen to your heart...

Just to clarify, I know that hearts do not produce sounds like that (more like LUB DUB - that was what I learned in Biology in F4-F5). The comic was meant to be funny (and it was funny to me) but from that comic, I can say I get another message, that is if you follow just your heart, you will end up doing stupid things. And why is that?

Since the heart plays a really big role in determining ones behavior, it has become the main target of the evil forces in order to corrupt people and to recruit more of their followers. Even in the Malay culture, we have a saying "Ikut Hati Mati, Ikut Rasa Binasa" since without a proper guidance, both of the heart and the instinct will always mislead people.

And what is worse is that those people will think that they are indeed the righteous one and they are doing no wrong. How many times we have seen in this world that criminals, when they get caught, they did not show any remorse of their wrongdoings? They think whatever they did was justified.

In short, to make the point of this entry clear, before we make any decisions, we should refer to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and see whether what we are about to do is right. Do not just rely on logic alone since the mind has limitations and the heart is prone to follow the wrong path had it not being guided with the Quran and the Sunnah. Keep asking for His guidance in our daily life since if we are to decide anything on our own without His guidance, then definitely the decision will be made with the help of the devil.

Hope that in everything that we do, we are being guided by Him and not by the devil.


  1. Nice post. His guidance is the best guidance in life. =)

  2. Ikut Hati Mati,...
    Ikut Rasa Binasa,...

  3. "Dalam badan manusia, ada seketul daging bernama hati. Baik daging tu, maka baiklah keseluruhan jasad."

    (Hadis 6 dr riwayat Imam Nawani)

    Act x salah nk ikut hati. Sebab kalo perasan, mmg Allah bg jawapan dia dlm tiap perkara yg kita buat di dlm hati kita.Samada dia redha or not.

    cth, kalo kita rasa nk buat something, tapi hati rasa x sedap je. X tenang. Then, better xyah buat. Sebab dosa tu bermula dari hati yang ragu2.

    sekian ;)

  4. iye laa ustazah ain...
    10s 4 da advices..