Writer's thought

"I write what I think.
But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Monday, March 15, 2010

girl = problems...

I shouldn't have done it,should have ignored it.Like it wouldn't be seen,like it couldn't be seen.I don't think I should have seen you.

Should have ran away,should have pretended not to hear it.Like it wouldn't be heard,like it couldn't be heard.I shouldn't have listen to your love.

Without a word,you made me know love.Without a word,you gave me your love.Made me fill myself with your every breath,then you ran away.

Without a word,love left me.Without a word,love tossed me aside.Not knowing what to say,my lips must have been surprised because you came without a word....(*_~)


  1. oo..pasnih nk derived ntok laki plak..hihi~ =p

  2. hahaha,bleh2...

  3. huiks...pandainye wt equation
    siap dpt A+ lg...hbt2..hahaha...
    tp mcm x msuk je girl=problem.

  4. hahaha,ada bantahan???
    sile nyatakan hujah2 anda...