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Friday, January 1, 2010

Azam 2010 => change...

it take time to change
but i need it NOW!!

as a lazy bum i wish i am more hardworking.
i hope i start waking up early in the morning instead of 8 oclock everyday.
this way i am able to be active earlier than i always had.

i wish i can stop my sport addiction and concentrate more on things that is more important such as my study.. really need to improve on this.

i wish i am more concentrate on my work and discipline in completing my work.
i wish i am more ambitious.
i wish i am more friendly and more talkative?
dont know about that but i think talkative person is have more friend and easily socialise..
well, i hope that.

there is a lot of think that i wish i am, and i hope i can be..
i dont want to be passive, i need to be more active
hmm, perhaps i should drink milo at the start of my day..

i wish i can CHANGE drastically
somebody please help me....!!!

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