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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Am I???

Hurmmm... lately I've been thinking about a statement that my friends have always told about me. "I'm too choosy". Do you think so? Last night a friend of mine told me that, and it wasn't my first time being labeled as choosy by most of my friends.

Honestly, I never think that I'm choosy accept for clothing. Yep... when it comes to appearance, I'm quite picky. That's why my parents stop buying me clothes since I was 15 and they just gave me money and asked me to buy everything myself. However, when it comes to food, I eat almost everything as long as they're halal. hehehe….

But when it's about life partner, people say that I'm too picky. My BFF told me, but not only he, but some of my other friends also told me the same fact that I'm too choosy and I hardly give a chance for someone to love me. Though sometimes they have the chance, yet I have always been the one who refuse to feel the same. Do I?

Hurmmm... I think everybody deserves to be choosy in picking up the best life partner. And I'm not excepted for I also deserve to be happy, don't I? Let me make it clear. I'm not choosy. I've never stated any specific criteria for my future partner. But maybe, I haven't yet found the right person. Being single doesn't mean that I'm not happy. At this moment, I'm honestly claiming this with all my heart that I'm happy, and am contented enough with what I have though it's not an ultimate happiness. Someone told me that, "definisi bahagia kita berbeza". Yep... To some of you, being happy means that to have someone by your side, having a substitute no matter you have to break life promises. But to me, being happy doesn't mean to have someone by my side. I'm not saying that I oppose the idea of marriage. I myself am looking forward for that event (but only when the time comes). I can't say it's not today nor tomorrow. It may be today and it may be tomorrow. I can just pray for the best and for that, please stop all those speculations k…


  1. hey bro....be tough ok...sumtimes kita diuji dengan org2 sekeliling kita...4 me also kawan2 sume kata aku picky...yes, a gurl is known to have dat characteristic rite?? so,I accept myself 4 what I am now...huhu...pengalaman lalu teach me a lot about lovelife...so,just be urself n the rest will be fine,insyaALLAH...picky in picking up a life partner-dats really gud cz u will not wanna get married n later on divorce..ritey?find ur true self n stay with it,my point...(btw its tia here,i cudnt comment much..)Take care bro

  2. waa,tQ a lots Tia...
    good advices there..
    insyAllah,i'll be a better person...

  3. normal lah..of course lah kte nak pilih teman hdp yg slesa dlm idup kte..dan perasaan cnta dn syg tu xperlu dipaksa..ia akn dtg bler tbe mse nyer..u right! single bkn nyer xhepi..ad teman bkn lah penentu kebhagiaan..tp die penambah rse bhgia tu..depend kt indvdu tu jugak.. :)

  4. hahaha,...
    byk pengalaman ek...

    tQ gak tuk ko fiena..