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Friday, January 22, 2010

Shell Scholarship 2010

Shell Scholarship is one of the most sought after scholarship. Every year, Shell offer a number of scholarships to support students in achieving their personal goals and ambitions. The scholarship is awarded to Malaysian students for pursuing full-time undergraduate studies (1st degree course) tenable at recognized universities in Malaysia or overseas, and Pre-University studies in Malaysia.

Shell also award 2 scholarships to study Msc in Geosciences with University Technology Petronas Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies.

Fields of Study

  • Engineering (Petroleum, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical)
  • Sciences (Geosciences, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Business Administration / Economics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT (includes Business / Management IT)
  • Master of Science (MsC) in Geosciences

Students who have completed their SPM / O-Level, STPM / A-Level / Foundation Year / Diploma or currently in their final semester of Matriculation studies or in the private / public University who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the ShellMalaysia Scholarship Awards:

  • Excellent academic achievement with emphasis in English
  • Demonstration of leadership skills through active participation in extra-curricular activities. e.g. societies and clubs, sports, etc.
  • Strong academic record and realistic expectation of a high CGPA or its equivalent
  • For MSc in Geosciences, candidate must posses a good Honours Degree or equivalent in the relevant field from a recognized university.
How to Apply
All applications including the application form must be submitted online. Applications may be submitted based on the latest semester results (for Matriculation students) or trial examination results (for SPM, STPM students). ShellMalaysia reserves the right to verify the above. Shell Malaysia aims to reflect diversity of the communities it works in and will award the scholarships on this basis.
  • Interview is compulsory.
  • Only shorlisted candidates will be notified.
  • Incomplete Application Form and late submission will be rejected.

Deadline for pplication is 30 March 2010.

For details visit SHELL Scholarship pages.


  1. tgk company laa cik nurul ain...
    shell kan syarikat minyak..
    jurutera awam juz sorg dua je dia pakai...

  2. go for it..
    networking field xde ea? uwaa..
    kl ade pon mcmla dpatkan? umm..:(

  3. shell scholarship mmg susah sket nk dpt sbb kite kna b'saing ngan dak2 luar negara,...
    klu x salah amir,2 org je setahun die amek student malaysia...

  4. ooo...i see..huhuhu..
    thanz 4 d info..:)