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Monday, January 25, 2010

please vote for Raja Gopal...

Raja Gopal is one of my friends that will compete in Faculty of Civil Engineering and Earth Resources (FKASA) sit. I was one of his election machinery.

This is his second year at UMP now, and he is currently completing a degree in Civil Engineering. He has been involved with the PEKA 1. He has gained experience in SIFE Council and also worked in the Sekretariat Expoconvo 2009.

His manifesto is :
"empower students, encouraging the aspirations"
He will represented the voice of every FKASA student. He is not separated from the student body because he will always be students first and Student Council officers second. Because he share the same concerns for every member of FKASA. He will strive to help build a stronger and more cohesive community among FKASA student. In order to accomplish his goals, communication will be the key. We encourage any student to voice his or her ideas and feedback in order for him to help ensure an extraordinary university experience for every FKASA student.

To all FKASA student, please vote for Raja Gopal okey. Because I think he is the right representative for our faculty.