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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

to all blogger,do join us ok..

Komuniti-Blogger (KB)

Have you heard about Komuniti-Blogger? I'm just registered as a member today. It's a nice place to find some friends while promoting your blog there. There were a lots of expert that I can learn about blogging.

There just about 40 members until now. So, I would like to invite all of people out there who also blogging come to join us. As a blogger,we can go through as a community,where we can share a lot of things there.

Komuniti-Blogger is running a promoting campaign right now. I've to promote it because it's my responsibility as a member even though it's not my problem and I got nothing from it.

So, come join us okey.....

i'm blogger community,
when is your?


  1. ok..skrg gak gi mndaftarkan blog..bukan diri.. :P

  2. ain, daftar diri sekali....

    batusai, nice post, doa doa la jadi featured blog of the week

  3. insyallah,sme2 laa kte doakan...

  4. selamat menjadi komuniti..salam singgah dari aku..